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Just curious...

Inverted or not?

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Non-inverted everything. I don't even like when flying in games requires inverted controls.


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The only time I play inverted is when I'm playing some kind of flight shooter. Otherwise, non-inverted for me.


I used to play the first two Halos with inverted controls... not done it since.


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"OH NOES! up is up and down is down, i cant possibly deal with that! :O"


the only game where i could play inverted is the Sly Cooper series and timesplitters. other than that no mainly because its counter-intuitave and often times im more focused on turnning the right way rather than focusing on whats in the game more often then not getting me killed or forcing me to continue from a checkpoint
Just started inverting the Y axis yesterday while being a self-proclaimed assassin, despite the fact that I suck dick at snipers. It took a few minutes to get used to, but it just doesn't do it for me. It seems like something that would be easier to use to your advantage on a console game, rather than a pc game.

Though, it might just be because I'm moving too much. I'm advancing with my team instead of just taking a team-neutral sniper tower and camping there. So, I will continue this.
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Dude what's with your birdo obsession...
Birdo's my favorite Pokémon in the SCP Foundation. Gotta secure, contain, and protect 'em all. Do you even watch MTG?

I digress...
I've ALWAYS wanted to resurrect a zombie thread. It's been a goal of mine since I joined this forum; I don't know why.

I think we have a decent sample size now though.
I'm a little disappointed that "you suck and Birdo's creepy" is higher than inverted Y-axis. That's science... your opinion doesn't change the data.

But here's my logic though.

You tilt your head back, you look up.
You tilt the stick back, you look up.
You tilt your head forward, you look down.
You tilt the stick forward, you look down.

When my brain is rendering a 2-D image as a 3-D environment, I want the translation to have as little complications as possible.
And this is what makes sense to my brain.

Happy zombie hunting mods.


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Thread still can feel relevant today...

I do not invert controls unless its a fixed wing airplane, i still do in some games though,