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Just for kicks...Bio form

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Name: Kume Ameta

- Hair and fur:
- Markings:
- Eye color:
- Other features:
Behavior and Personality:




Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style:

Personal quote:
Theme song:
Star sign:

Favorite food:
Favorite drink:
Favorite location:
Favorite weather:
Favorite color:

Least liked food:
Least liked drink:
Least liked location:
Least liked weather:

Favorite person:
Least liked person:
Significant other:


Tests on animals.

Owwin Nimmo(me)
Species:Human for now
Weight: around 260.
- Hair and fur:
- Markings: normal?
- Eye color: Brown
- Other features: Just as fat as I am. Hopefully in the following weeks I can star making him look more toned and muscly, until then we will stay fat.
Behavior and Personality: I am happy almost all of the time. I love to make people laugh and try not to make too many people mad. Try not to take anything I say too seriously, even when I am being serious.
Weaknesses: Bullets, falling, knives. The knives don't even really have to be sharp if you stab hard enough.
Writing, Biology, working out, playing video games, cooking, swimming, cleaning other people's houses, living in filth myself, listening to music. The kind of stuff everybody likes.
Dislikes: People's cruelty towards each other, people without a sense of humor, Urn'khonian soul stealing raiders.
History: maybe if you take me out to dinner.

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type"?:

Clothing/Personal Style:
I wear orange t-shirts and blue jean pants. I dress like a freaking cartoon character. I have 6 identical outfits.
Picture:maybe later

To become one of the greatest video game designers ever.
Profession:Hopefully a video game designer.
Personal quote:Your world exists only as you perceive it. That means that without you the entire world is gone. Expand your world, make it better, and take care of yourself.
Theme song: Hocus Pocus by Focus
Birthdate: July
Star sign: Cancer

Favorite food:
Casseroles, stews, pretty much anything that contains multiple food groups.
Favorite drink: Either Dr. Pepper or Orange Juice.
Favorite location:
My home. This includes my friend's houses because I feel at home.
Favorite weather: 60 degrees Fahrenheit, cloudy, with just enough sunshine coming down to make it gray and comfortable. No strain on the eyes from the sun, and it is a beautiful day.
Favorite color: Orange
Least liked food:
Lima Beans.
Least liked drink: Coke Zero. Aspartame makes me really sick.
Least liked location: Between work and school.
Least liked weather: When it is unbearably hot, and the sun is blazing in my face like he thinks he knows me. KNOCK IT OFF ASSHOLE!


I love making bios, sometimes I like making them more then the RPs I use them for lol.

Name: Nevarous Ironjaw
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Alligator
Height: 6’4
Weight: 170 pl

Appearance: He has a slight hunch in his shoulders which makes his look just a bit bulky. Nevarous’s arms and legs are of normal human length and are fair in the mussel department. His tail is about seven feet long and is very flexible, but not enough to be used as a third hand.
- Scales: Back and tail are a dark green, light tan make up his under belly.
- Markings: None
- Eye color: Blue
- Other features: His snout is a little on the short side. Like all true alligators his teeth can't b seen once he closes his jaws.
Behavior and Personality: Nevarous tries to live by a code of sorts, risk life and limb for the little guy and women, give a respectful bow to all he meets and lay a smack down on punks who look to full of themselves. Close friends are treated like members of the family, regardless of their species. Some times calls his friends brother or sister, this was a habit he gained from living in a large gator clutch with many true siblings.

Skills: Tries to be peaceful. Is willing to listen to any troubles and then try to help fix them. Will fight to the death for a cause he believes in. Is a very powerful swimmer and can carry two human sized things while in the water or on land with ease. Tail is very strong and can knock others about six feet away. Can fight well with or without a weapon, but normally has a one handed axe to use if he is attacked. Scales are very think on the back and offer a good guard. Can look lazy and inactive one second and attack with surprising speed the next. Can keep his cool when things are out of control.
Weaknesses: Will fight to the death for a cause he believes in. Doesn’t trust others easy. Under belly is soft and an easy target. Is very violent if woken up from sleep. Can't hit a female no matter what. Gets annoyed very easy.

Likes: Respect. Peace and quiet. A nice friendly chat every once in a while. Doesn’t mind a good fight when he is annoyed. Nice warm lazy afternoons when the only thing you want to do is fish. Fishing in general.
Dislikes: Being chewed out for something he believes in. Seeing females of any kind hurt or abused. Being chewed out be a girl when he was only trying to help. People who are pushy and always try to get their way.

History: Lived in a swamp with his brothers and sisters for most of his life until he struck out of his own. Had a very normal gator life up until his leaving.

Clothing/Personal Style: Likes to wear a large Hawaiian-shirt, its red with a yellow flower design on it. Doesn’t normally wear any bottoms since his “parts” are not shown to the world. When he is around others he doesn’t know, Nevarous will put on some dull brown shorts.
Picture: *is too sucky at drawing to make one*

Goal: For now its to find a home in a nice swamp and one day find someone caring to share his life with. (Sappy, I know…but true.)
Profession: Fisherman and part time fossil hunter.
Personal quote: “What is done is done.”
Theme song: “What I’ve done”
Birthdate: June 29
Star sign: Cancer

Favorite food: Calamari
Favorite drink: Mr. Pibb
Favorite location: Creek beds
Favorite weather: Slightly clouds with a good wind
Favorite color: Blue

Least liked food: Peanutbutter
Least liked drink: Coffee
Least liked location: Field of tall grass
Least liked weather: Hot and muggy

Favorite person: Doesn’t chose between family members
Least liked person: Same as above
Friends: Few if any are called “real” friends of Nevarous.
Relations: None
Enemies: Only one
Significant other: None
Orientation: Hetero

Kye Vixen

Name: Kye
Age: 23
Sex: female
Species: Blue artic Fox
Height: 5"2

- Hair and fur: Fur: slate grey with blue hue. Hair: Light brown and blonde.
- Markings: 3 stars on left forearm
- Eye color: Amber
- Other features: ears and navel pierced.

Skills: Painting and singing

Likes: most things
Dislikes: lilly cole

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style: Individual and laid back style

Profession: Make up artist / Graphic designer
Personal quote: Seriously?
Theme song: Walky talky man
Birthdate: 17.10.1985
Star sign: Libra

Favorite food: Lasagene
Favorite drink: Southeren comfort lime and lemonade
Favorite location: Wooded area / forest
Favorite weather: Rain / snow
Favorite color: Cyan and Black

Least liked food: Tomatoes
Least liked drink: water
Least liked location: Libraries
Least liked weather: Wind

Favorite person: Self
Least liked person: Lilly Cole
Friends: Many
Relations: Few
Enemies: None as of yet
Significant other: Scruffy
Orientation: Straight


The nocturnal gaming furry
Sure, why not.

Name: Roger
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Gray hare [I'd like to say gray furred pooka but thats close without copying[
Height: 5'4
Weight: 146 lbs

- Hair and fur: Brown bedhead like hair, fur color is gray
- Markings: Scar on left eye brow going near eye lid
- Eye color: Brown
- Other features: Nitch in left ear
Behavior and Personality: Normal human like behavior. Outgoing when around friends yet shy around others. Strong when angered. Strong sense of justice and protection to loved ones.

Skills: Skilled with firearms, hand to hand combat, sneakery and a mean cook
Weaknesses: Very clumsy and hasty in situations.

Likes: Gaming, Joking, cooking and Socializing
Dislikes: Idiots, menial work, abusers, liars

History: Human at till the age of 16. Taken at a young age by an organization using children as soldiers, scientists and spys for hire. At age 13 was abandoned by organization with mind wipe which caused black outs and emotional instability. At 14 was tried for arson of his school and sent off to a private academy. At age 16 was cursed by man which lead to discovery of a second realm co-existing with humans which then led to stop apocolypic plot. Finds out he was top of his field and contains a gene that stops him from dying or disease with some limitations. Afterwards went back to regular human life but still cursed into this form.

[yeah I got WAY too much time on my hands]

Clothing/Personal Style: Baggy and loose
Picture: Since I can't draw for beans N/A

Goal: Wanting to own sucessful cafe.
Profession: Student and Cook
Birthdate: 1/26/90
Star sign: Aquarius

Favorite person: His brother
Least liked person: Hugo Allhiem [The man who cursed him]
Friends: Arch [human], Dex [human], Rose [Realm creature]
Relations: Alex [Brother], Nancy [Mother]
Enemies: Hugo, Gary [Man sent to kill Roger at 16]
Significant other: Rose
Orientation: Straight

This was based on the character I've been contemplating on making a series for...maybe ill make it and host it here.


Tastes Like You Only Sweeter
Name: Kilo Vulpes Charlie
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Arctic Fox
Height: 6'1"
Weight: ~125-140lbs.

- Hair and fur: White in winter, black in summer
- Markings: small streaks of dark blue and red in summer coat
- Eye color: Hazel
- Other features: has muzzle (some ppls fursona's don't...)
Behavior and Personality:

Skills:Combat, humor
Weaknesses: mediation. impatient

Likes: a lot
Dislikes: sudden loud noises, pungent smells, waiting

History: -

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style: usually black, or fitting to current fur color, collar as a stylish accessory, loose fitting clothes.
Picture: in progress

Goal: n/a
Profession: depends on the RP i'm in... usually an assassin/mercenary
Personal quote: "Shit happens, just don't step in it."
Theme song: (Fav. song...) Bleed It Out -Linkin Park
Birthdate: 7/6/1990
Star sign: Cancer

Favorite food: none
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite location: almost anywhere
Favorite weather: comfortable
Favorite color: black

Least liked food: avacado
Least liked drink: juice
Least liked location: rural
Least liked weather: burning hot

Favorite person: none
Least liked person: none
Friends: many
Relations: just friends
Significant other: none
Orientation: BI


Prince of Techno
Name: Ulric
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Species: Canadian Lynx

- Hair and fur: Black, with white and grey undertones
- Markings: Fur just around nose is white, and fades outward; white and grey stripes along arms, legs, and back
- Eye color: Deep blue
- Other features: Chipped right ear
Behavior and Personality: Lazy, calm, relaxed most of the time, with occasional hyper and horny outbursts. Also funny (can be a smart ass) and polite.

Skills: Very organized, hard working.
Weaknesses: Temper problems, gets jealous easily, can be very impatient.

Likes: Internet, Television, Video Games, Porn
Dislikes: Not being on internet, Trolls,

Clothing/Personal Style: Baggy jeans, White T-Shirts. Also wears glasses.
Picture: None yet, see Avatar for now

Goal: Find true love
Profession: Office Supply Worker

Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite drink: Sprite Zero
Favorite location: Alaska
Favorite weather: Snow
Least liked weather: Really hot weather
Favorite color: Blue

Significant other: None
Orientation: Bisexual
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Kit Parcal

K.P. the One and Only!
Name: Kit Parcal
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Twin-Tailed Arctic Kitsune
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 227 lbs.

- Hair and fur: White
- Markings: None
- Eye color: Brown
- Other features: None

Behavior and Personality: Calm,Serious

Likes: Food
Dislikes: No Food

Picture: Look at my avatar or sig.

Star sign:Ares

Favorite color: Pinks and Reds
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite weather: Snow

Least liked food: Seafood
Least liked weather: Heat

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Likes to Create
Name: Shadow-Fox "Foxy Paws" Kakuretsin
Age: 18 (He ages at the same rate I do.)
Sex: Male
Species: Demonic gold fox.
Height: 6'0'' (6'5'' with ears)
Weight: 225 lb. (Average build.)

- Hair and fur: Hair is long and black, fur is gold and white with a bit of black on the tail between the white and gold.
- Markings: Long black triangle underneath the right eye.
- Eye color: Right is red with a slit pupil while the left is silver with a round pupil.
- Other features: Silver hoop earring in left ear, black pads and claws.
Behavior and Personality: Easy going, but can be energetic and fun loving. Also, has a dry sense of humor.

Skills: Can control darkness in many ways, good shot with guns.
Weaknesses: Mortal.

Likes: Being with friends, video games, and darkness.
Dislikes: Harassment, bigotry, stupidity and ignorance.

History: Unknown.

Clothing/Personal Style: Goth.
Picture: Click my name, and view my forum profile, but the picture is uncolored.

Goal: Doing what makes him happy.
Profession: Mercenary.
Personal quote: "Darkness is fun."
Theme song: The Other Side by Pendulum
Birthdate: 06/29/1990
Star sign: Cancer

Favorite food: Crab meat.
Favorite drink: Brisk.
Favorite location: The Midwest of the US.
Favorite weather: Temperate around the 70s and sunny.
Favorite color: Black.

Least liked food: Pineapples, and coconuts.
Least liked drink: Anything alcoholic.
Least liked location: Traffic.
Least liked weather: Snowy and freezing.

Favorite person: N/A
Least liked person: N/A
Friends: Kyo "Makeshift" Tsukari, and Lyze. (Mind you, these are real furs I know.)
Relations: Not in one.
Enemies: N/A
Significant other: N/A
Orientation: Straight.
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Name: Eazehd
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Species: Genetically modified combination creature thing. (mostly ungulates and canines)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135

- Hair and fur: Blue head hair, Orange main coat, Green underbelly
- Markings: None
- Eye color: Yellow
- Other features: N/A
Behavior and Personality:

Skills: Mind control, speed
Weaknesses: Bad strength

Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

History: Shes pretty much a creature mad in a lab. She is made from different animal parts stitched together. She regularily dyes her fur and paints her horns.

Clothing/Personal Style: Colourful/kandi/busy
Picture: http://exploding-zombies.deviantart.com/art/Kickass-111249773 (one on the left)


New Member
Name: James
Age: N/A

Sex: Male
Species: Red Fox
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 195

- Hair and fur: Hair is same color as fur (orange/red) and cut kinda short, fur is orange/red and white with black paws and black tipped ears

- Markings: black marks under eyes
- Eye color: Hazel
- Other features: Longer than normal tail
Behavior and Personality: Fiendly, overly understanding, kinda shy

Skills: Having no weaknesses
Weaknesses: Having no skills

Likes: nothing worth saying

Dislikes: being single and alone

History: Raised to be what he's become; a writer, a ranger, and a young boy bearing arms.

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style: that of which is his own

Goal: Peace to my own mind
Profession: Student/Writer/Teacher
Personal quote: He who is sincere hits what is right, and apprehends without the exercise of thought.
Theme song: New World Man by Rush
Birthdate: ???
Star sign: ???

Favorite food: N/A
Favorite drink: Mt. Dew.
Favorite location: any where not at home
Favorite weather: Rainy
Favorite color: Red

Least liked food: N/A
Least liked drink: having no drink
Least liked location: home
Least liked weather: Sunny and humid!

Favorite person: my "brother"
Least liked person: my "crow"
Friends: a few
Relations: blank
Enemies: humans
Significant other: no one
Orientation: Bi


Name and species don't match
Name: Scruffy LeCruta
Age: Looks 20, true age isn't known by anyone but him and a few others
Sex: Male
Species: Toon Spotted Lyena (Hyena-Lion mixture)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 172

1940's newsboy (Slacks, sloppily tucked shirt, red bowtie, red suspenders worn like straps)
- Hair and fur: Purple shaggy hair, blue with white spots
- Markings: Black paws (front and back)
- Eye color: Blue
- Other features:
He's a toon. So just imagine Looney Tunes
Behavior and Personality: Total goofball, knows that sometimes you have to be serious but does not ever like to admit it. Loves to go out and have a ball listening to swing music, dancing, and laughing the night away with the people he enjoys.

Dropping Anvils, Singing, playing Saxophone and Drums, Laughing, Defying laws of physics,
Weaknesses: Turpentine, Acetone, Benzene

Big band swing, jazz, laughing, love
Dislikes: People with no sense of humor

A toon from the Golden Age of American Cartoons.

Clothing/Personal Style:
Jazz cat, and other miscellaneous forties clothing

Bring a smile to everyone's face
Profession: Cartoon star!
Personal quote: "If ya gotta go, go with a smile!"
Theme song: Mr. Pinstripe Suit - by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Birthdate: not known
Star sign: not known

Favorite food:
Chicken Quesedilla
Favorite drink: Sweet Tea
Favorite location: On stage
Favorite weather: Sunny and bright and warm
Favorite color: Blue

Least liked food:
Least liked drink: Seltzer Water
Least liked location: Cooped up
Least liked weather: Cold.

Favorite person:
Friends: A good many
Significant other: Harley!
Orientation: Gay


Name: James
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Snow Leopard
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 160

- Hair and fur: My hair is pale blond (not white), fur is typical snow leopard stuff...you know the deal.
- Markings: black marks under eyes
- Eye color: Ice Blue
- Other features: Longer than normal tail
Behavior and Personality: Friendly, dopey, kind, caring - soppy basically

Skills: Nimble icehockey player
Weaknesses: imovable objects

Likes: saying krundle incredible loudly - usually at really bad times
Dislikes: crowded places

History: Gone against everything i dont like, i hate rap, i hate waiting - love pie, comedy, icehockey, engine, heavy metal, the people of the lady variety.

Blood type - CDE/CDE - i donated too, its rare apparently...
favourite pie - apple - soo gooood

Clothing/Personal Style: punk/metal style

Goal: the ability to chill all the time
Profession: Graphic art Student/Mechanic
Personal quote: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...hai!!!!.
Theme song: Beverly hills - weezer
Birthdate: 28/01/1988
Star sign: Aquarius

Favorite food: Pancakes
Favorite drink: Fanta fruit twist.
Favorite location: Open road
Favorite weather: Rainy
Favorite color: Khaki green

Least liked food: raisens
Least liked drink: non alchoholic
Least liked location: police station
Least liked weather: Hail...the pain.

Favorite person: bestest bud sScott
Least liked person: George Bush n' Terrorists
Friends: a fair few
Relations: awkward
Enemies: Extremists
Significant other: no one
Orientation: Straight

Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilins mah thang
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uh oh stinky
Name: Harley Lenore McDoodle (self-given)
Age: 22-ish, lookswise.
Sex: male
Species: long-tailed weasel, mustela frenata
Height:5' 4"
Weight:80 pounds.

- Hair and fur: hair goes down close to butt, pink and light blue. yellow bow in his hair. tail is pink with black tip, hangs close to feet.
- Markings: black eye mask
- Eye color: yellow.
- Other features: skinny as all get out.

Behavior and Personality: Harley is mentally off. he is germophobic, and often is looking for hand sanitizers or soap (bottled only, he hates bar soap.) he is very obsessive-compulsive and extremely paranoid. his eyes are often darting back and forth watching around him, and he keeps himself drawn in a lot, save for when around close companions.he often will get worried about something and talk profusely about it, catching himself and getting embarrassed.

he has bad ADD and will often stop mid-sentence and change topics abruptly.

he is not shy, and is often sarcastic or cocky, but has a very sweet heart. he cares a lot, and has the mind of a child sometimes (NOT like a babyfur. just in maturity and excitement). he gets extremely excited over small things, and often switches between the mind of a five year old and slightly more mature.

he is wild, and will often do things he severely regrets. rather than thinking things through, he acts on impulse and jumps in, learning through experience. he also has memory problems, and will forget things quickly at times, and also remember things that no one else would.

Skills: breaking things, hairstyling, lockpicking, fashion sense, being all around awesome and full of himself.
Weaknesses: difficult questions, multitasking, cooking, thinking before acting.

Likes: cigarettes, drugs, things that amuse the simple of mind, needles, nose-picking, wiggling his toes, being generally obnoxious.
Dislikes: baths, monsters under the bed, his hair getting messy, no-smoking areas.

History: he failed that subject.

Clothing/Personal Style: emo, scene, etc. normally wears skinny graffiti jeans and tight scene shirts.

Goal: harley is irresponsible and therefore has no goals.
Profession: member of the toon patrol.
Personal quote: "what?"
Theme song: "Metro", The Vincent Black Shadow
Birthdate: may 27.
Star sign: gemini

Favorite food: he hates food.
Favorite drink: anything that is energizing.
Favorite location: the bed.
Favorite weather: that slightly breezy autumn day, where the air is still warm but the sky is a soft yellow.
Favorite color: pink and purple

Least liked food: everything.
Least liked drink: warm milk.
Least liked location: a working situation.
Least liked weather: humid summer days.

Favorite person: his mate
Least liked person: most other furries.
Friends: his imagination, mostly.
Relations: a mate, Scruffy, and has a brother, Skitz, as well as some other "adopted" family.
Enemies: anyone who flirts with him.
Significant other: Scruffy
Orientation: gay, obviously.


the ghost
What's this? An excuse to not do homework?

-wags tail-

Name: Erewolf (Ere, Ereruur, Ruur, Ruurzie)
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Species: Wolf/collie
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125

- Hair and fur: Long brown curly hair. Lighter brown fur.
- Markings: Orange spot around eye. Black left arm, orange right arm with white paw, black right leg, orange left leg with white paw, black and orange striped tail, black ears with orange tips, white belly
- Eye color: Blue
- Other features: Collar? :3
Behavior and Personality: Playful, hyper, nice, curious, easily startled, likes to bite

Skills: Drawing & writing
Weaknesses: Bullets, balls (not that kind D: get your mind outta the gutter)

Likes: Comic books, drawing, friends, being entertained
Dislikes: Worms, brussel sprouts, trolls


Clothing/Personal Style: Wears more black/grey and skinny jeans
Picture: http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=PqwLWo9 XD

Goal: Author
Profession: Student
Personal quote: 'Your mom :V'
Theme song: I'm not sick but I'm not well - Lit (just cause I'm listening to it now xD)
Birthdate: April 22
Star sign: Taurus

Favorite food: Babies (and chocolate)
Favorite drink: Babies (or lemonade)
Favorite location: ...Babies? D:
Favorite weather: Sunny x3 Rain is nice sometimes too
Favorite color: ORANGE <3

Least liked food: UHM brussl sprouts D:
Least liked drink: BABIES?!
Least liked location: Here D:
Least liked weather: SNOW D':

Favorite person: IDK my best friends x3
Least liked person: YOU (jokes)
Friends: Jesus
Relations: None D:
Enemies: None I THINK?!
Significant other: None D':
Orientation: Bi secksicle

Aaron Roger Scott

Clarinet, good books, coffee.
Name: Aaron
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Kangaroo
Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 120 lbs

- Hair and fur: art matte gray/brown tones
- Markings: dark ears, shadows under eyes from a coffee addiction
- Eye color: bright orangey brown
- Other features: A left eyebrow Piercing, a right ear cartilege piercing
Behavior and Personality: Perpetually tired, always has something interesting to say if he doesn't command conversation. Often, he'll let conversation fall silent, having music stuck in his head and not paying attention. He has a somewhat grandiose personality, commanding coffeeshops and silencing subway cars. He draws his energy from the city

Skills: Playing Clarinet, making EspressoDesserts
Weaknesses: Explaining his life outlook, and how he can enjoy life as a starving artist

Likes: Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemmingway, Sergei Prokofiev, Short Stories, Coffee, 3-Piece suits with bowties, subways
Dislikes: brand names, being patronized, women


Aaron grew up in a largely unnoteable but highly progressive Toronto family, with divorced parents. To this day, his dad does not know that he is gay, Aaron having come out in grade 9. He has decided it is not worth mentioning.

He began playing the clarinet in grade five, and knew from the beginning that this was his life goal. He was a prodigy from the beginning, but also practiced intensively; particularly in his senior years.

He lived by the "chose your life, no back-ups" philosophy, and allowed his school grades to plummit in favor of a music education. Every day has been a rehearsal or concert for Aaron, since grade 9 to the present day. He got accepted into Curtis, Julliard, U of T, the Jacob School of Music, McGill and Western with varying scholarships, choosing Julliard and spending summers freelancing in various cities. He currently resides in Chicago.

Socially, Aaron's education has been the Toronto culture of coffeeshops, the personality that comes from talking to artists, and the life outlooks developped from reading classic novels.

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style:
Subway: A brown leather jacket, skinny jeans, plaid scarf, hobo gloves, clarinet case, tarvelmug with a sweater, and good book
Dress: A three piece suit and bowtie

Goal: To play as much music as possible, to read every classic novel worth reading, to help someone find a soulmate (himself), to be written as a character in a book
Profession: Freelance Musician
Birthdate: April 11th 1990

Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite drink: Espresso
Favorite location: New York
Favorite weather: warm, with a breeze. busking weather
Favorite color: Yellow

Least liked food: Popcorn
Least liked drink: Red Bull
Least liked location: Suburbs, big box stores, chain stores, chain restaurants
Least liked weather: slush

Favorite person: His soulmate
Least liked person: A sleazball greasy grade 9 kid who made out with an on/off girlfriend beside his locker daily
Friends: Artists, musicians
Relations: Divorced Parents, zenophobic country cousins, dull suburban half-relatives, michigan hillbilly relations by step (gun shooting parties), a sister in Ottawa, a younger brother at his old school, a younger brother in preschool
Enemies: all people he does not know
Significant other: searching
Orientation: Gay, with male mannerisms. Needs the help of a right ear piercing to set off gaydars.


Name: Rujiru Ryuuoujin (Rujiru Ryū_o_jin)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon
Human form: 5'7
Dragon form: 6'7

Weight: (I haven't decided yet...)

Human state:
Black hair, Red eyes, and skin is a yellowish tan.

Dragon State:
Black dinosaur-like skin, red eyes, a scar on the left eye, has a yellowish tan skin from the jaw up to his lower tail. Spikes at the spine down to the end of the tail, sharp claws, powerful jaws, muscular body, sharp fangs, and a huge pair of wings.

Behavior and Personality:
Quite silent, becomes very active on some occasions, loves a challenge, and always keeps a content face on. Although, he often has a fake smile on. like something is bothering him.

Immense Super Strength, Pyrokenises, ability to change from a dragon to human at will(or against his will), can cause earthquakes, keen senses and possesses a dangerous flame called, "Hell's Inferno".

Mostly, a powerhouse/all-round fighter.

Lightning and Ice magic, Kyla's usual seduction.

Sparring, Fighting, the starry night sky and the moon, working out, his friends.

Huge gigantic bugs, Zombies, terribly cold places, selfish people.

Ruji's past is quite a sad tragic disaster. When he was a 13yr. old kid, his parents were executed by angry selfish people right infront of him. Due to the shock, he went berserk in his dragon state and killed/destroyed everything infront of him. Women, children, strangers, buidlings, everything and when he was doing it, he was fiercely crying inside.

After 3yrs after the incident, he became a bounty Hunter. He doesn't speak to anyone and does his job with absolute perfection. Then, he met Iris, Ryuu(Iris' Brother), Clyde(Iris' stalker friend), Kyla(Clyde's cousin) and Kouya(an optimistic mercenary/Assassin). After meeting and knowing these people, he never felt so alive in 3 yrs. He treats Kouya and Ryuu like an "aniki/onii-chan"(big bros). Iris, Clyde and Kyla as best friends.

Clothing/Personal Style: Black clothes w/ red edges. or Black jacket wih red shirt.


I only have an avatar that shows 2.

(Haven't really decided on that)

Dragon Warrior

Personal quote:
"Don't ever let the things you cherish go, If you did, you'll regret it"


King of Sadism
Note: I never rp anything else than sex with this character because of his insanely ridiculous power.

Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species: Dragon
Height: 7'7 (Regular form)
Weight: Not sure...
Penis: 2 feet (Regular form)

- Hair and fur: Black hair, green scales, yellow horns.
- Markings: Yellow toned in middle section of his body all the way to his lower jaw.
- Eye color: Bright green
- Other features: No wings
Behavior and Personality: Unlike most heroes, MISTER BIG T does not shy away from killing an unarmed civilian; even if they didn't really do anything to him other than if they'd have a silly name or if he'd not like their appearance. He also hasn't shied away from even killing women and children. For longest time, he wanted nothing more than just to eradict the human race off the planet.
Despite the facts of these, MISTER BIG T really isn't a manolevent character as one would assume. After repenting for his past sins many times over because of a personal hell he'd be put through, he would begin to find his faith for humanity returning, mainly thanks to Jessie and later on, Carolina.

MISTER BIG T is an easy going man who'd rather just relax and enjoy his life but finds himself get pulled into saving the fate of the world from time to time, most of the time by pure luck. He has also repeatedly broken the 4th wall, being one of the few people who always knows he's inside a video game. He almost always is sub conciously aware that all the short comings are done by himself, but often times passes it off as "having been drunk when he programmed that in."

MISTER BIG T was originally made as to parody Dragon Ball Z's over powered people. As such, he's most likely the strongest being made in any medium (par only to Mariamon) and anyone not incredibly powerful wouldn't stand even a slim chance against him. MISTER BIG T is nearly immune to all sorts of pain, including to many spells that most dragons are weak against. He even can cheat death itself, thanks to the fact that he has been pretty much kicked out of both heaven and the hell after making few deals in his past to both sides.

MISTER BIG T uses many Ki involving spells that are truly devastating, some of which include but are not limited to

*Fire Breath, in which he spits fire at all his foes​
Cure, in which he heals himself from even fatal injuries​
Dragon ball attacks, completely unblockable non elemental spells​
Super Nova, in which he summons the Super Nova that could destroy even universes if he'd lose his focus​
**Banish, in which MISTER BIG T absorbs the being into himself and locking them into "Hall of Souls" in which the foe exists forever as simply nothing, being even less than a thought

He has the ability to regenerate from even the most grievous, mortal injuries, and it's probably not even possible to permanentely damage him. No one has been able to decapitate or amputate or even physically scar him in duration of his life time, even though he has been attacked by extremely strong and extremely sharp objects. Not even gods and beings stronger than gods have been able to scar his body.

*MISTER BIG T used his Ki energy to focus Fire 3 type attacks and bolt attacks but after his amnesia, he forgot these moves and instead adapted to use his racial ability to breathe fire throughout his mouth. While not consuming any Ki this way, this fire breath is not nearly as strong as the focused Fire 3 spell would be.

** MISTER BIG T has only once used this move, against his arch nemesis Zhobung when he found out Zhobung had no physical body that could be destroyed, forcing the dragon to consume the immortal being.


MISTER BIG T is able to transform into several different forms, each significantly increasing his already impressive strengths.

Dragonite 1st seen in Adventures of MISTER BIG T 2 - Dimensional problems

The first level of a transformation in where MISTER BIG T grows in size and sacrifices his bipedal movement in terms of an increased strength. He reached the transformation after seeing Jessie eaten out alive by a giant skull and thanks to this strength, he was able to win Zhobung, even after he had become a God. In this form he's 274 cm (9 feet) in height.

Great Dragon 1st seen in Adventures of MISTER BIG T 4 - New Chapter

While the transformation itself was first already shown in BIG T 3, MISTER BIG T learnt to use it himself in 4th. After gaining this skill, MISTER BIG T becomes even bigger, stronger, and regains his ability for a bipedal movement. In this form he's 396 cm (13 feet) in height.

Grand Dragon 1st seen in Adventures of MISTER BIG T 5 - Fall of MISTER BIG T

The ultimate transformation which MISTER BIG T can only perform when he reaches his immortality and untaps into the very limits of the powers of the Dragons. In this form, he has a complete control over every single molecule and particle in his body, thus not only allowing him to be any size he wishes, it also prevents him from his body being manipulated; such as Mariamon isn't able to make his blood boil or his skin melt in this form, and he gains natural immunity to all four natural elements. (Not to any non elemental or astral elementals. Holy and dark are also still affecting him albeit with a reduced power)

MISTER BIG T has only several weaknesses. His biggest being no doubt his monstrous appetite. Even for a man his size, MISTER BIG T eats a lot of food and if he can't get food, he'll grow weakened and he'll be unable to fight properly. Because he doesn't care what he eats, he's also had several cases of Food poisoning, including the infamous incident where Lord Pain poisoned his pancakes and he'd actually DIE and go to hell, where he'd make a deal with the devil himself.

MISTER BIG T also likes to drink alcohol a lot and he's often seeing prancing around drunk. Needless to say, this not only hurts his fighting ability but also his overall condition.

Last but deffinettely not least, MISTER BIG T is quite the ladies man and almost always tries to flirt with beautiful women; even if they'd be after killing him.

Likes: Women, pancakes, beer, porn, and having sex

Dislikes: Poisonous pancakes

Early days

MISTER BIG T was born after the great dragon wars, which saw the death of most of the dragon populate. His father, the demon king Senkan saved his life and rised him. MISTER BIG T lived happily with a dragon called Tiana and the two were married and she got pregnant for his child but the humans slayed her as a revenge after he had destroyed their home town. He discovered her deceased body soon after and vowed to in turn destroy the entire humanity.

MISTER BIG T recruited help from a young necromancer named Cain, who'd help him do the destruction. In exchange, MISTER BIG T helpt Cain with his experiments on eternal life and completing Cain's wishes. However, after this Cain betrayed the dragon and summoned help from heroes of the world telling about his master's plans. MISTER BIG T was slain after a horrifying battle with the world's hereoes but Cain realized during this time that he was too weak to conquer the world, even with the help of eternal life he just barely survived his encounter with the heroes.

500 years later later, Cain would find a man named Tidus who he aproached in a form a woman and asking his help. With the aid of him and a furry named Khimari, they defeated a guardian of the spot where MISTER BIG T was killed at and allowed Cain to go revive his old master. This was all just so his sister, whom also had the eternal life; black mage called Rosa had sexual encounter with MISTER BIG T and thus gained his powers. (Because everytime a decendant of ancient has sex, they gain their partner's powers thanks to the mana ammount in love juice being so big) After this, Cain had sex with his sister and drugged MISTER BIG T making him become crazy and think he was pirate and gain minor braindamage.

Warrior of the world

MISTER BIG T would be taken to a hospital where a hermaphrodite doctor named Jessie would cure him by slapping his cheeks with her penis but a nurse caught her do this and she was cast aside from society for being a freak. MISTER BIG T felt sorry about how she lost her job and invited her to come visit himself in his homeland, Another Dimension.

There, he'd learn from his father that he was actually destined hero to stop a being of incredible powers known as Master. Master was a world destroyer who always challenged the world's finest warrior and after a duel with them, he would destroy the planet. He had waited thousands of years for his best challenge, who was actually MISTER BIG T. But MBT wanted none of this, he didn't want to save the world, he after all wanted to DESTROY the very humanity.

Before he could leave, his father told his old friend Anaboli was gone and when he met with his friend after huge re union and lots of stuff happening, a necromancer known as Lord Pain, Master's right hand man destroyed the entire castle MBT was residing in, also crushing Anaboli during the progress. MISTER BIG T swore he'd see to kill Lord Pain, even if it'd mean he'd have to kill Master and thus, save the world.

After a long time (and Anaboli turning up to be alive) he met with Lord Pain who killed Master. He then proceeded to murder Jessie in front of MBT's eyes tearing her body to bloody remains. (Which was censored out of the game) This enraged him so much that he turned into a dragonite and summoned Super Nova against Lord Pain, who incredibly survived this strong move. However, then Lord Pain was revealed to only having been controlled by a higher power being named Zhobung who did all this just to become a god. Zhobung would attack the heroes and this would be the first time, MISTER BIG T fought a god. His powers were incredible but in the end, the heroes won thanks to Lord Pain's help and MISTER BIG T having had become a dragonite.

Becoming the legend

Years later, MISTER BIG T was returning home after turning 18 when his porno magazines were burnt by person called Evil Dragon King. During following this ridiculously easy foe, Evil Dragon King was able to use an invisibility magic to trick MBT into walking to a teleportal and destroying the teleport, thinking he had gotten rid of his old nemesis forever.

However after many odds and ends, MISTER BIG T returned only to see his castle in ruins, his slaves released, and all his porno stolen. This made him very angry, not to mention sad that all his friends seemed dead too. However, Lord Pain informed him soon that this wasn't the case but Three Gods of Destruction helpt Evil Dragon King.

During this time, MISTER BIG T also met a woman called Carolina whom he immediattely proposed to out of blind love. She'd join them and after many mishabs, they'd meet Evil Dragon King who'd reveal that Carolina was only a spy of his and slept with him because of his orders. Evil Dragon King, who had learnt the spell of absorption had grown from the weakest being of the universe into an extremely formidable foe and he crushed Anaboli between heavy walls with his new powers, thus kiling him.

MISTER BIG T and Carolina confronted Evil Dragon King, but not before they'd find out that Zhobung was actually still alive but in a new, improved body that Evil Dragon King had made to him. After killing the foe again, they fought Evil Dragon King who had absorbed the Three Gods of Destruction as well as most of the world, thus becoming stronger than multiple gods combined. During the fight, he slayed Carolina in a horrifying, gruesome fashion. Evil Dragon King then taunted MISTER BIG T to face him off alone in a duel of titans before he changed into Great Dragon. The fight that nearly destroyed the entire existence itself was long and crueling but finally, at the end MISTER BIG T landed a death blow throughout his heart and once again, reigned victorious of a foe incredibly strong.

Starting new Family

Year later, Jessie would suddenly appear next to the bed of MISTER BIG T confessing her love to him. This did of course surprise him since she had died many years ago and he didn't believe her, making her cry and leave. As he left off to find her again, he found a woman with extremely large breasts and got side tracked off his quest. After the woman washing her back and sucking his cock, the two went to run few errands and they met drunkard who told them they should go kill Super Mario who had gone mad and had slaughtered entire city.

After killing the plumber, they rescued several prisoners held captive at his castle. One of these prisoners was a missionary, named Michiko. She had been on a quest before she was captured and asked for the heroes to escort her. MISTER BIG T agreed and left the big boob lady to her luck (She became quad paralyzed later thanks to him never helping her find medicine but that's minor details) and they fell in love. It was then that the most evil floating talking head, George had sent his best men, Team Terminate to capture MISTER BIG T so his blood could fuel his new armor body. After destroying George's Eyeraar laboratory, the two fought against the head which was very evil and power hungry. George was slain and Michiko and MISTER BIG T were married.

Meeting mommy

Years later, MISTER BIG T had gotten fat due to lack of any exercise and having had to settle with Michiko. As he saw an old Neon Genesis Evangelion re run, he thought angels were attacking Tokyo, so he left off to save Japan from non existing danger. Unfortunately, his ship was made to explode by self destruct and he lost his memmory, ending up to the shores of Japan and starting to call himself Alfred. There he met Cynthia who's friends were captured by Xel and the other Humadrion. After saving the girls, MISTER BIG T found out the Humadrions worked with the Queen of the Demons; Feralzen. Having had angered her, everyone thought they would be killed as to which, they set off to find Magical Brew so they could go against Feralzen.

Meanwhile as MISTER BIG T, Helga, and Cynthia were away; Xel and her troops attacked Cynthia's friends, brutally murdering and raping everyone but two girls, the other whom was taken off to be raped and tortured to death later at the hands of Feralzen.

After the heroes fought and MISTER BIG T slayed Xel in a one on one combat, Feralzen appeared on the world causing the entire nature of the world to be destroyed by her mere evil presence. It was then that the shocking truth was revealed; Feralzen was actually MISTER BIG T's mother. But as MISTER BIG T denied her, she became furious and attacked the heroes. The fight was a horrible one and the heroes would have died without the aid of a mysterious stranger who scared away Feralzen, leaving everyone with a dbz cliffhanger at the end of the demo. (With the narator even making a refference that it'd continue in Dragon Ball, before correcting the name of the games)


Goal: No current goal
Profession: Perverted game maker
Theme song: http://www.vgfuture.com/host/givemebeer/REMIXOFLOVE.MID.mid
Birthdate: Unknown
Star sign: Unknown

Favorite food: Pancakes (without poison)
Favorite drink: Beer
Favorite location: Finland!
Favorite weather: Cold
Favorite color: Black

Least liked food: Salmon
Least liked drink: Gasoline
Least liked location: Sweden
Least liked weather: Extreme heat

Friends: None...
Relations: Feralzen (mother), Saiken (father)
Enemies: Feralzen, Zhobung, and many others.
Significant other: None...
Orientation: Bi
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Doctor Timewolf

Time Traveller
Name: Doctor Timefox
Age: 907ish
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Height: 5"8'
Weight: 101lb

Appearance: A fox wearing a Fourth Doctor outfit.
- Hair and fur: Hair is brown, fur is orange, black for paws, white for tip of tail.
- Eye color: Yellow
- Other features: Wears glasses, as he is near-sighted. Also, he is similar to the Timelords, minus the regenerative ability.
Behavior and Personality: Kind and helpful with a touch of eccentric. Jokes around, and enjoys reading.

Skills: Can play guitar
Weaknesses: Can be over-defensive.

Likes: Candy, love, peace, sonic screwdrivers.
Dislikes: Enemies, such as The Master, Daleks, Cybermen, Wirrn, Slitheen, Sycorax, and others.

History: Attended Prydonian Academy on his home planet, saves the universe for long time afterward.


Ich will Anarchy
Age:30ish, but worn down
Species:Red Fox
Weight:200 lbs.

- Hair and fur: standard red fox, thinning hair and a long, white goatee
- Markings: nothing significant
- Eye color: black

Behavior and Personality: Very quiet, introverted and gentle, almost monk-like. more interested in finding inner peace and being helpful than anything else, loved by most everyone he meets, but he doesn't know it, just wants to be at peace. (think kwai chang caine)

Skills:skilled craftsman and builder
Weaknesses: Himself

Likes: quiet, observing his environment, meditating
Dislikes: pointless anger, those who don't understand whats truly important

History: Wandered out of the vileness that is reality many years ago and just kept walking.


Clothing/Personal Style: utilitarian kimono/robes, sandals, carries a katana for protection/ as a tool

Personal quote: "you can run, but you'll still get wet"
Theme song:Wait and bleed by slipknot
Star sign:Aquarius

Favorite food: anything meat
Favorite drink: green tea
Favorite location: anywhere wooded
Favorite weather: cool and sunny
Favorite color: red

Least liked food: crickets
Least liked drink: anything with alcohol
Least liked location: anywhere hot and dry
Least liked weather: rainy

Least liked person: himself
Friends:left behind
Relations:left behind
Enemies:left behind

He relates very little to me as a person, but is who i wish to be.
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