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Just for kicks...Bio form

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Mona Fantome

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Name: Mona Fantome
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Species: Kitsune (magic fox)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125

- Hair and fur: She has fiery red fur only a bit lighter on her breast and stomach and inside of her tail and a big, bushy fox tail with white on the tip of it.
- Markings: Nothing too special.
- Eye color: Sky blue
- Other features:
Behavior and Personality:

Skills: Good at drawing, cooking, and lots of other stuff!
Weaknesses: Not very good at athletics or so it seems, not good at dancing either and shy

Likes: Nice people, dominant guys, bold people, rock music and sometimes techno
Dislikes: Mean people, sports

History: Lived and grew up in France for awhile, but moved to the USA and learned English. She speaks English very well

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style: Sort of classy clothes, she usually wears a white shirt with a brown jacket and a professional brown shirt. She has sensible shoes (not high heeled), and glasses that she wears often.
Picture: Don't have one, not a good artist T_T

Goal: To meet a really great guy
Profession: Student at a local university
Personal quote: "I just wish I could meet some people and have a fun time, you know?"
Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqzgT05C46Y
Birthdate: October 23
Star sign: Virgo

Favorite food: French fries
Favorite drink: Red Wine
Favorite location: Mont St. Michel
Favorite weather: Sunny
Favorite color: Fiery red, of course =3

Least liked food: Shrimp
Least liked drink: Sweet Tea D=
Least liked location: The sea?
Least liked weather: Icy Cold

Favorite person: Don't know yet =3
Least liked person: Hopefully nobody
Friends: N/A
Relations: N/A
Enemies: Hopefully nobody!
Significant other: N/A
Orientation: Anything works


The Heartless One
Name: Raiacx Icara
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Species: African wildcat/porcupine
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 163 lbs

- Hair and fur: Rai has the natural fur color of a wildcat. Her hair is black and contains a row of quills on the top of her head that only stick up when upset, scared or angry
- Markings: The natural stripes that wrap around her wrists, ankles, and thighs . Two lines curve under her eyes
- Eye color: Hazel
- Other features: Quills on the end of her tail that raise when provoked

Behavior and Personality: Rai is very calm and somewhat smug. She's also shy and kind to most people. She's known for her odd and perverted humor. Though sometimes her emotions get the best of her and she becomes very depressed.

Skills: Psychic abilities (telepath, reads the future through the stars, can alter minds and confuse others just by looking at them), poetry, and intellect (despite some slowness)
Weaknesses: Her emotions , poor eyesight, and occasional mental slowness

Likes: The nighttime, shooting her quills at those she hates, poetry, and statgazing
Dislikes: Most people, the daylight, and the fact that she has to wear glasses

Clothing/Personal Style: Rai usually wears jeans and a t shirt with a purple anarchy symbol

Personal quote: I'm taking advantage of what I can do
Birthdate: February 28, 1996
Star sign: Pisces

Favorite location: Where ever she can clearly see the night sky clearly
Favorite weather: Rainy
Favorite color: Silver

Orientation: Pan


I'm closing this... should have a long time ago. This is intended as a guide for how to describe your fursona, NOT a place to post the completed guide. For that, please make your own topic.
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