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Just how furry are you?

How furry are you?

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How furry am I? Well, my fluffy level is over 9000, so....


Four Eyes; Zero Soul
How openly and obviously furry are you?
I wore a tail to school once. That was a major pain considering I couldn't willingly move it. Otherwise, if someone asks, I ain't gonna lie.

Are you into the fandom?
In it for the porn. :V
Lolno, my tail is a custom made by Bir, and I've been thinking of having a ref sheet made, but due to my limited income I need to stop being so spendthrift.
I do follow some rather risqué artists, however.

Do you separate yourself from the fandom?
I'd say to a degree. Some shit I see makes me want to go postal.

Are you active in the fandom?
Well, I frequent Further Confusion every year with two friends, one of which was a closetfur I dragged out along.
I'm also replying to this thread, am I not?


Ninja Dingo
im open about it but to a point, im not going to fun up to you and be like hay im a furry what a hug or just yiff lol. but i have no prob with telling some one if they ask, i just think whats there to hide. if you act like and ass well there you go, but if your cool no one will care if your a furry cuz they know that your a good person and they will not care that your furry. but thats just how i see it. i know it can be hard for most, but just be your self and you cant go wrong.

Traven V

How openly and obviously furry are you?
Not really only a few know, and on an off chance have met a few furs accidentally, I don't know how, and they are anti-social..

Are you into the fandom?
I'm not really active but I love it I think it's awesome, always will.

Do you separate yourself from the fandom?
Yes, I don't mean too but I can be a bit anti-social needless to say it's a b****

Are you active in the fandom?
Only online and not as much as I have in the past.


Beginner Fursuiter
How openly and obviously furry are you?

I'm pretty furry. I'm not quite obvious when I'm around other people, but when they get me into the topic, I can drone on and on and on...

Are you into the fandom?

Of course! I even wore my fursuit to dance class one day.

Do you separate yourself from the fandom?

Once I find another furry, I'll be all over them. I'd never stay away.

Are you active in the fandom?

Yup~ I have two suits that I love to play in, and I draw furry art.


Fluffiness level: 9002


I'm totally furry, I have four furry girls tattooed on my arm, based around egyptian mythology. I have Anubis( a fem version), Bastet, Wadjet, and Heqet.


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Furry enough to be considered Bigfoot. :V


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My guess is the "I can respect furry" will have the most answers.

Furry doesn't have a scale of appreciation or standard from to judge it. Looking at it, it's more a matter of how obsessed one is with the fandom, with lifestylers probably being in the pinacle, hobbyists going after that (with various degrees of involvement) and non-furries in the bottom (or rather outside it).

It actually has the least answers.

Tiger In A Tie

Say what now?
I am such a really yiffin' am a murry purry furry I have fursonas coming outta my ass

but ya, I'm really mainly involved with the [clean] furry art community.


I don't think being a furry is something you can really put on a scale of 1-10. I don't consider myself to be more furry than the next furry.