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Just in, read the rules and am now scared AKA newb incoming


I just like to draw stuff
New about everything, really. Haven't been a part of the scene for a long time yet, just got kind of sucked in by someone else. So I'm a noob in almost every category imaginable related to this forum/fandom. Please be kind to me :)

I have a feeling I should be writing more in my intro but ah well. Some other time perhaps?

I do hope to get some new friends :)


Don't believe the mask...
Welcome to the forums. :) What other kinds of things are you interested in, besides furry-related stuff?

Thatch's reply may seem a bit blunt, but it holds a bit of truth. Just try to be level-headed and smart about the things you post, and you'll be fine -- being new won't change much.


I just like to draw stuff
Thatch: Sorry, my non-native english could be the thing there. I meant that I wish everyone would treat me like everyone else. Thank you for your post though, I'm grateful of everyone who can be bothered to answer :)

Eske: Other things of interest to me... drawing, for one. Roleplaying (mostly GURPS but I like it online, too), BJDs and I do enjoy a good read as well. I just went through the first three books of the Inheritance Cycle and The 13[SUP]1[/SUP]⁄[SUB]2[/SUB] Lives of Captain Bluebear (which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone).
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Still not at 10k posts
Thatch: Sorry, my non-native english could be the thing there. I meant that I wish everyone would treat me like everyone else.

It's not a matter of language barrier but of mindset. So what I said still stands. If your prove to be a likable person, you will be treated accordingly.


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Thatch, if you'd done this when I started here, I'd have never logged back in.
Anyway. Welcome, hun. Hope ya like it here. :3


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Tervetuloa foorumille!


I just like to draw stuff
Thanks for all the comments :) I get the feeling I'll be alright. *Puts on item "Thick Skin"* Whoo. It's very protective XD

ja jee, suomea aina kiva nähä XD


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Drawing is always cool :cool:, Your art is quite good :-D. Roleplaying is frowned upon here though, so just make sure you save it for the other forums and not here.

I love to read too.
I'm currently finishing Stephen King's Christine. If you're ever looking for new books to read there's a thread for that: FAF Book List

Anyway, Welcome to the forums Ronnie! :D I'm looking forward to seeing you around.


^ She meant tabletop roleplaying, with the dice and the point buy and the violence.

Ronnie, what we mean by "no roleplaying" is no freeform RPs, and definitely no cybersex. You are offering to play real games, which is fine- just take your fellow players to a proper RPG forum, where you can roll dice in peace.


I just like to draw stuff
Nah, RPing is too boring for me. Must have the dices and the character sheets and all. I'll be needing a table XD And definently a GM. Preferrably a patient one, hehe :)

Thanks for giving me advice. It's always good to know this stuff before proceeding headfirst into new enviroments :)