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just joined, check me out...


Tastes Like You Only Sweeter
yah, i just joined a few days ago... check out my profile, i need some comments on my stories so far...
By the way...
anyone know of an online RPG for furries?
(NOT Secondlife)
i've been trying to find one but it dosn't look looe one exists...

Shout out to Fox Furries... Yiff Yiff!!


Tastes Like You Only Sweeter
Hello and welcome to the forums Mr. Charlie. Im Silibus. Enjoy your stay.

yo... and my last name isn't technically charlie... this screen name is just the phonetic alphabet applied on my initials
and you can call me Kilo... were all furries here!!!


back'n up back'n up
Hello and welcome to FAF fellow fox.:) Have fun.^_^