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Just saying hello!

So this is where I introduce myself... Well, then here we go:

Name: Raine, Ray or Confetti
Age: 18 Years old
Gender: Female, Demi-girl
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship: taken, closed
Hobbies: Drawing, cooking, fursuitung and building

And some things about my Fursona:

Name: Confetti
Age: 18 Years
Species: Caracal
Gender: female
Sexuality: Pansexual

And some other things that might be important

I'm a member of the fandom since 2019
How did I become a furry?: Mainly YouTube and TikTok ^^
I love to go to Conventions and Meetings!
I collect Badges of my Fursona
I've been an artist since 2016, and I'm open for commissions and Art Trades
Confetti has been my Fursona since last year and she has a suit

I think that should be all for now? I hope this is okay, I'm not the best at introductions ;-;" If you wanna get to know me, feel free to send me a PM via Telegram(Floppa_Confetti) or here!


blue/teal bat thing.
well, hello Confetti. have a nice time on here i guess