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Just what the title says


Current Mission: Do the art thing.
'I'll pick 3 people who comment on this (With a reference link!) to draw a traditional sketch of.'

I'll do as many as I can as long as I find myself able to draw them!

I won't get to all of them, but if I find I like yours I'll happily draw it~

No NSFW, just regular SFW sketches. Though if your ref is NSFW that's fine!
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Sassy lesser panda.
Ohhh! Not sure but I'll post myself anyways! Hug-able fat Red Panda girl. ;v;

yvvkiredpanda2.png redpandame3.png redpandame5.png ref raichu shirt.png redpandame5-1.png


Bitches love sticks


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Current Mission: Do the art thing.


Current Mission: Do the art thing.
Can I possibly get a drawing of my smoll pomsky as well? I don't mind the wait at all!
www.furaffinity.net: Daniella the Pomsky 3 by DaniellaAntoinette How she looks (traditional piece)
www.furaffinity.net: Results by DaniellaAntoinette Hair (colored)
She also has
-dimple piercings + medusa

If you don't have enough time though it's fine ^=^

I'd love to! But I'm honestly not the best with doing hair and piercings, i'd hate to mess up and give you something not that good. Though if I cook something up I'll happily show you!