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Justwannadrawmeng's Commissions ($30/hr)- Accepting requests daily as well


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Hey everyone! Let me start this out by saying that I'm not a furry! I just want to get that out there so no one is offended or put off if there are obvious things within this community that I'm not aware of. That said I LOVE drawing animals anthropomorphic or not and as a professional artist who most recently was working in the animation industry (specifically Disney) I'm pretty experienced at it (does that count as bragging? I hope not. I just have drawn a lot of different animals in my time is all!) I prefer to draw in a Robin Hood/Zootopia kind of style (pretty cartoony and more animal than human) but I'm capable of drawing in any style desired, so do not let my personal preferences dissuade you from asking for something a little different than I normally do/have done.

Some samples of quick work:
- 30 mins
-1 HR
For more you can look here:
Userpage of justwannadrawmeng -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you would like to see samples of other kinds of work (painting, ink, etc...) please don't hesitate to ask but I'm going to need to ask for your discretion when I send you samples. In my time in the animation industry I noticed that there can be... Less than positive biases towards artists who cater towards this community and while I have no personal problem with doing it I fully intend on going back to that line of work eventually and would rather keep the work I post here separate from what I post on my other art blogs. I hope that's okay/you all understand! :)
Okay, now lets get to the nitty gritty of it!:

Commissions- $30/hr with a 30 min. minimum

I charge by the hour to deliver the best possible result within my client's budget. More time will always turn out a better result whether it be a simple character design or a fully rendered painting. I'm leaving how much time you pay for up to you so that my services can be affordable while still being lucrative for me as an artist. I'm a character designer by trade and can paint, draw, animate, etc... You name a visual art and I can do it!
I'm currently looking for work, so commissions are my top priority throughout my work week and are completed based on a queue that can be viewed here:

docs.google.com: Commission Queue

I will only accept as many hours as can be completed in a month at a time, but other than that there will be no cap on commissions taken at this time.

Currently I have nothing that I won't draw, however I'm always surprised by how deeply the internet can disappoint me, so I unfortunately am going to need to reserve the right to reject commissions should the need arise.
I have listed further terms of service here:
docs.google.com: Justwannadrawmeng's commission terms of service

What you'll get from me for my time:
-A hi-res .psd and .tif of the image you commissioned for your use
-A decently sized .jpeg for posting wherever you please (I do ask that you credit me, just as a courtesy)
-If you desire a print of your commission I can provide a high quality one for an additional cost.

If you have any questions specifically about or would like to discuss a commission please do not hesitate to contact me at: justwannadrawmeng@gmail.com

I'm a little new to the commission game (have done some before, but never tried to do them actively) so each individual project will be handled a little differently depending on what the piece entails. However for the most part this is how I intend to handle them:

Projects 30 mins-1.5hrs:
I do the project and that's it. I time everything I do here so you can get an idea for what I can do in this time frame by looking through my work. I'll do minimal revisions once the commission is done, but nothing extreme. I recommend this for anyone who wants a basic drawing whether it be a bust or a simple full body drawing.

Projects 2hrs- 4hrs:
For this time frame I'll provide you with a sketch/design phase to make notes on. I'll still only work for the hours you pay for (in other words, if you want me to do a complete re-draw you may end up needing to pay for more time), but this is the best possible way for you to have input on the final result. I recommend this for people who want a clean or complex drawing, a design with flat color and basic rendering or a semi-rendered bust.

Projects 5hrs- 10hrs:
In this time frame you'll get to give input at both the sketch/design phase and flat color phase. This would be more for a fully rendered bust to a fully rendered full-body shot with no or an extremely simple background.

Projects 15hrs- 20hrs:
Same as the above, except here you'd get a mid-point shot where you can give input on the progress of the painting. I recommend this price point for a fully rendered character in a setting or multiple fully rendered characters with no background.

Projects 25hrs+:
For a project of this size you'd get the same as the above as well as daily progress shots. While I'd prefer not to receive input for every progress shot (sometimes it's hard to see the final result from a certain point) it will most certainly be considered if given. I only recommend this time frame for people who want fully rendered paintings with multiple characters in complex settings.


So, until such a time that I have a decent amount of commissions I'll be taking requests to help build up a body of work on here. I'm going to try and do 1-2 requests per day as well as my usual daily sketch but I will spend NO MORE than 2 hours max on any request (unless I really get into it or whatever.) I will also not be accepting input on requested work (you can give it if it's minor and I might do it. I'm not a jerk, but this is free work so it's sorta gonna be a "you get what you get" situation for the most part.)

I also don't personally like drawing gore, sex or fetishes so I'd like to avoid those if possible for requests (I'll do them for a commission, but requests are free so... Yeah...) However, if you really want it just go ahead and request it. I have a pretty "meh, why not" attitude about most things so it never hurts to ask.

Commissions also will ALWAYS take precedence to requests. ALWAYS.

Requests are also going to be 100% on a "want to do"/"if I have time" basis, so no getting mad if I don't get to it!

Please send all request inquiries to: justwannadrawmeng@gmail.com


My channel is:
Picarto.TV - justwannadrawmeng's Channel
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