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Jw is back from the dead and wants a request


So folks, I know it's been a while and I've been feeling really uninspired and depressed. Decided to fall back into my old hobby and take up art again.

So I've a few things to show and I would appreciate help with it. Please though, be gentle in your critique, but I will take it to heart.
What I'm looking at is less on anatomy (though I appreciate it) and more on the usage of colors and all. I'll put specifics with each link (what I focused on most). However, general critique is appreciated.

White Wagtail
I worked more on values and stark contract on this.

Foreshortening Selfie study
This was more about foreshortening and working without a model-- I was using compressed proportions and such to get the look

Composition Study with Housepets
This was a study done on composition. Some value work done.

Profile study
-- warming up on my anatomy a bit again after falling out of practice. I know the anatomy is rusty here to tear it apart

Most recent work. Used ink and pastel. More focused on fine linework and burnishing of pastels. But I'd appreciate any input too.
I know these may be small, so all links can be found here on my site:

Also higher-quality is available on my deviantArt account here

Thanks for the help!


The Arcane Sage
Welcome back! I look forward to seeing more!