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JW wants art


I am kinda down in the dumps and stressed to the max with finals happening these next to weeks and I am looking for a morale boost. I am always happy to see new spins on my characters, and think it would be cool if I got some free art for a change. So, here is this thread.

I got a character that is an otter/kangaroo hybrid (supposedly). He wears a bunch of different bandannas and a particular necklace pretty much all the time.
If you're interested, here are links to some references for my character Rip:

Side view, green board shorts+ bandanna

Front view, Blue bandanna and gray board shorts

Head shot

There's just a few things I'll ask of you to consider:
#1 Keep the art clean. No smut or blatant sex depictions. If in doubt, run an idea by me and I will tell you if it's okay. I'm pretty easy going on the subjects for the most part (heck, even if you wanted to draw a censor bar picture for the lulz) It's okay to do something funny or embarrassing, but sex acts are out of the question. That's just me.
#2 He is left handed, and the ear is bent on the left side.
#3 He wears pretty normal clothing, but it tends to be along the lines of college wear (hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, cargo shorts, flip-flops, etc.
#4 the stripe pattern is easy: 2 stripes per body segment. That's 4 for each arm and leg, and 2 on the rails and ears. Also, palm of the hands and soles of the feet are the same color as his belly.
#5 keep in mind I appreciate all the art, but if I am really impressed, I might give a thank you sketch in return. In no way am I obligated to sketch for you.

Some personality considerations if you need them: hyperactive, perky, optimistic, compassionate though a bit of a doormat and a goofball.

Cheers and thanks to all.
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I still owe you an artz.

If you want to post in my IronNitrogen-14 Artist Challenge thread there's still some room there. Otherwise it might be a while. :\




I'm not saying its a bad thing..... My parents are Jehovahs witnesses... and I grew up one....
Sorry, I was just being matter-of-fact there. No offense intended to be made. I don't associate Jehovah's Witnesses to JW cause that's my nickname. That's all I mean. And the bit about donating blood was just an ADHD comment.


to TheM:
Thanks so much for that! I really, really like it and no, you didn't screw anything up on it! Hahaha. And thanks for the well-wishing on my finals. Got a study group today that's going to last all day,so we shall see how this goes.

Do you have an art page I could fave this on for you? If not, I could upload this to my profile and reference you in the description and tags, but only if you'd want that. Totally up to you.

I'll make you an arts.
I'll draw your character. It's actually one of the cooler looking characters I've seen so far
Awesome! Thanks to the two two of you.