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Jw's Character Bio: Rip and others


Well, considering I've never actually done this, i figure it's time to create a little ledger about my character and other supporting cast. So here we go.

Name: Rip tyde
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Species: Otteroo (otter+kangaroo hybrid thingie that looks little like either)
Height: 6'4" (not including ears)
Weight: 210lbs

- Hair and fur: Hair is pretty much never seen and is more of a scruff than anything. Fur is short and sleek like an otter's fur.
- Markings: brown bands, 2 per section of arm and leg, 2 per ear, and 2 on the tail. Belly, chest and mouth area lighter fur color
- Eye color: dark blue with some hints of gray
- Other features: GOATEE-- it's chin only, scruffy looking. also left ear is bent from a childhood accident. HE IS A LEFTIE.
Behavior and Personality: Outgoing and compassionate, also hyperactive and a bit immature. Tends to act first and think later, which is worse because he is very self-conscious and easily embarrassed by himself.

Skills: arting is a favorite hobby. Also is a bit of a Medfag and knows a lot to do with the body. pretty perceptive of emotional cues in conversation and can pick up on subtle things easily. Learns pretty fast.

Weaknesses: awkwardly shy at times, worries a lot. Is often too kind or forgiving for his own good. also appears annoying or immature to others because of his actions.

Likes: Swimming, surfing, arting, goofing off, joking
Dislikes: bees, penicillin, cocky people, overly serious people.

History: I really don't have one for him. Fan of surfing and swimming, got his ear bent as a kid while boogie boarding. Also had some sickness as a kid that made a big impact on him and convinced him to become a healthcare worker.

Clothing/Personal Style: Likes tshirts and polos with shorts and flops. Otherwise wears some kin of hat or bandanna, sunglasses, and his necklace. Cold weather means hoodies, shoes and jeans. He also wears scrub uniform too, but goes without the bandanna or hat then as per policy.

Picture: Will be updated with new ref sheet soon, but here is a pic:

Goal: To graduate, get to work and make a difference. would love to start his own charity to benefit sick shildren by selling artwork and donating that money for medical support for families of a sick child or to purchase toys and bandannas for the children.

Profession: University Student, nursing major
Personal quote: "Can't fix the past, but you can strive for a better future for everyone."
Theme song: ""These Days" by the Foo Fighters
Birthdate: October 12th, 1990
Star sign: Libra

Favorite food: Mexican, Chinese or Italian.
Favorite drink: Water (boring huh?)
Favorite location: The beach
Favorite weather: Warm and sunny. Rain and storms are fun too,but only in moderation.
Favorite color: Blue

Least liked food: Cranberry sauce, heavily boiled vegetables
Least liked drink: Can't think of any.
Least liked location: Doctor's office
Least liked weather: Cold and rainy. Snow is better than cold rain.

Favorite people: his friends.
Least liked people: harsh, braggart-y people. Also, demanding people.
Friends: Wide network with a few closely-knit friends.
Enemies: None really unless he or she really did something to screw up his life.
Significant other: none.
Orientation: Heterosexual
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Arting? very intresting way to describes his hobbie.
Well done! ^^