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Kaluna does art!


*squeak squeak squeak*
Hey there! I'm here to offer digital and traditional art.
I'll let my price sheet do most of the talking:

Here's some additional info:

Icons - you receive a 300px x 300px .png and a 100px x 100px web-optimized .gif

Chibis - comes with a handwritten name, can be left out if desired. add $2 for a trippy background and or glowy stuff

Anthro - ref sheet comes with 3 views, 2 extras, as much text as desired. extra are headshots, closeups, props, feral forms, etc
additional extras are $5

Badges - colored with prisma color markers - colors limited, ask for specifics
rougly 4 in x 6in (not exact tho)
simple background optional and free
ask about shipping outside the US

Extremely complex characters and or poses will cost a little extra due to the time put into it ^u^

I accept payment through paypal or through direct deposit into my bank account. I have wellsfargo so if you're signed up there or if you have BoA you can instantly transfer funds. I require payment in full before I will begin your commission. Only for ref sheets will I send an approval sketch, otherwise you will receive just the final product. Typically I take 1-2 weeks to complete things, depending on how complicated it is.

I don't use slots, I'm just either open or I'm not.
Currently I'm OPEN for all types of commissions. I will update here if/when this changes.

If there's something you want that's not on the price sheet, just note me or ask here and we can discuss it!
I check FA constantly, but also check here and my email quite frequently.
If you want to get ahold of me feel free to respond here or message me over on the mainsite.



*squeak squeak squeak*
Hey there, just checking in to say that I'm still open, and also that I'll be offering many new kind of badges soon.
First up is coffee. It's $15 for unique character lineart and a junkfood of your choosing. They come shaded and with a RGB web sized version and a massive 300dpi CMYK version for high quality printing. I can print, laminate, and clip for an extra $5