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A-veri Rood Roo
I've noticed a few things while having a kangaroo as my fursona one, we will usually go for natural colors, two, we have AMAZING taste in species and three, some people just have ears that are different from the original. You have me with these ears, you have Pocari, you have Kenga from Winnie the Pooh, etc. I don't know why this is.



can't deny, they are damn adorable!


A Lynx to the past
I like that they have actual springs in their legs, so they aren't just flexing their muscles when they jump, they actually bounce like they're on a pogo stick :p


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Huh, now that I ponder it, I've seen almost no roo fursonas, these days...used to seem a lot more common, some years back.

But the roos I met were always very nice, friendly sorts, good sense of humor, and also, generally smart, sensitive sorts. @zidders comes to mind, as one amazing roo, that I never have forgot.

Huh, now that I ponder things, we need more roos!