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(Commission) Selling: Kanga's Commission Info Thread! (7$ USD - 765$ USD)


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Hello and welcome to my official commission thread! Please remember to follow all forum rules and feel free to check out my gallery on furaffinity if you're interested in seeing my full portfolio of work!

  • Humans, Furries, Anthros, Ferals, Monsters, etc.
  • SFW or NSFW art -- including fetish art. I encourage you to check out my commission information on furaffinity for the specifics on the NSFW & Fetish Commissions.
  • Gore, violence, and drug/alcohol use.
  • Fanart
  • Character references and turnarounds and expression sheets.
  • Backgrounds of any kind -- additional fees may apply and a general moodboard of your scene would be greatly appreciated!
  • Pregnancy or anything involving dubious or non-consent.
  • Underage characters and Cubs.
For my exact policies on completing commissions, please see the "Commissioner and Artist conduct agreement", written in full on my commissions page on furaffinity. I accept payment via paypal.

  • Additional edits: 5$ USD - 20$ USD depending on commission type and edit complexity.
  • Traditional Commission (Instead of digital) - .50$ USD - 3$ USD depending on supply you're interested in. (Excludes acrylic painting and oil painting.)


7$ USD - 31$ USD
  • Quick, simple sketch of a character with sketchy lineart and rough color.
  • Can be done in black and white, or can have a single color lineart substituted for free.
  • A single background color is free. If you do not specify, the image will be on a plain, white background color. Background details will be extra. (+2$ USD)
  • Simple coloring or shading (like the coloring in the example above) can be added for 2$ each.
  • Additional characters can be added for 2$ each up to 10 additional characters. (The example above has 10 characters)
  • Can be SFW, NSFW, or nude.

15$ USD - 35$ USD
  • Simple colors are included in the base price, as well as a single color background.
  • Icons can be from 100px x 100px to 800px x 800 px.
  • This can be an animated gif for an additional charge. (Up to 10$ depending on complexity of animation.)

45$ USD - 90$ USD
  • Illustrated shoulders-up portrait of your character available in black and white, monochrome, or full color at base price.
  • Can be given simple animation for +15$. (IE a wink, a wave, a head tilt.)
  • A simple background or scene is included in the base price.
  • Additional characters can be added for 15$ per each additional character, up to 6!
  • SFW or can add NSFW elements.
Waist-up or Hips-up​

50$ USD - 155$ USD
  • Illustrated waist-up or hips-up portrait of your character availible in black and white, monochrome, or full color at base price.
  • Can be given a simple animation for an additional fee of +25$. (IE a wink, a wave, a head tilt.)
  • Background will be simple (a flat color, pattern, or gradient). A setting may be added for between 5$ USD - 15$ USD depending on complexity. (Above sample would be around the 5$ range.)
  • Additional characters can be added for 25$ each up to 6.
  • Character can be nude or clothed. Please see my Commission Information page for information on NSFW commissions.
Full-body Images​

90$ USD - 170$ USD
  • Illustrated full-body image of your character with black and white - monochromatic, or full color included in base price.
  • Background will be simple (IE simple pattern, gradient, or a color). A more complex setting can be added for 10$ USD - 25$ USD depending on complexity and light. (Above image would be in 10$ range)
  • Additional characters can be added - add an additional 45$ for each character up to 6. (Above images has 2 characters).
  • Character will be clothed.
  • Image can be turned into a character turnaround for an adidtional 15$ which will feature flat colors - a front facing, back facing, and profile image of the character - up to 5 additional close ups of markings, accessories, paws, etc.
  • You can request simple props for free. More complex props such as weapons, cameras, prepared meals, patterned objects, and etc will cost up to 5$ extra due to needing research.
  • Please see my Commission Information page for information on NSFW commissions.

If you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to reach out to me here or on furaffinity!