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(Commission) Selling: Kei's Commissions![Start at 5$ for Lineart]


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Hey, I'm Kei and I'm a furry artist, tho I'm down with drawing people too. If you read all this and want to commission me, dm and we'll start the process!

If you want to know what my process is exactly, it'll be me first doing a sketch and after you approve it, we can start the next step, which will be lineart after the payment is sent. I'll continue to update you along every step so we can make sure the art comes out perfectly to your liking.

Check my gallery for examples of my art!

Commission Status: OPEN

My prices!

Simple Reference sheet which includes nude/underwear and clothed along with 3 sketchy expressions, 20$
-Price will go up depending on extras you wish to add

Lineart with no Background, 5$
-Colored, +5$
-Shaded, +5$
-Extra Character, +5$

Lineart with Background, 10$
-Colored, +5$
-Shaded, +5$
-Extra Character, +5$

Comic with Background-Per Panel, 10$
-Colored, +5$
-Shaded, +5$
-Extra Character, +5$

Icon, 5$
-Will always include color, shading, and background

Will do:
All kinds of vore

Won't do:
Underage, this includes baby Pokemon like Pichu, Iggybuff, Togepi, etc. And Digimon that are lesser types and some Rookie types. If you're unsure if I won't/will draw a Digimon or Pokemon, just ask me!(Though, I'm fine drawing underage characters aged up, i.e more mature like taller/more adult features.)

Current Adopts I'm Selling:

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www.furaffinity.net: Pokefusion Adopts[1/3] by booghetti

www.furaffinity.net: Cartoon Canine Inspired Adopts[3/3] by booghetti