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Free Art: Kemono Artist wants to draw YOUR sonas and OCs!


The Catbee!
Would you be interested in my Kiaara?
Credit goes to L.Enosis on discord! she did a wonderful job with my ref commission <3


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I don't know if you're still taking requests, but I have something for you to do if you want to.

I'm still doing requests, yes, I just won't be able to do every single request. But if I do yours, I will reply to you in this forum. So feel free to post!

Thank you so much! This looks so heckin cute!!

I'm glad you like it, she fit really well for a chibi example!


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Could I get my manokit?

Sidenote, the white lines on his chest are meant to be boar tusks


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Really batty bat
Welcome back to FA, glad to see you posting art again :3

If you wish, you can draw my sona, Meta (that's him in my pfp, there)

He comes in both feral and anthro varieties, feel free to draw either, in whatever style you prefer:
Anthro: www.furaffinity.net: Meta the ratboi by metatherat
Feral: www.furaffinity.net: Meta With Potion by metatherat

There are more pictures of him in different styles and forms in my FA gallery: Artwork Gallery for metatherat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Thanks for drawing for us fellowfurs! :3
*rat fingerguns*


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I've chosen about 2 more that I'm currently drawing and will hopefully post during the weekend. Feel free to leave more characters. I may choose like... just one more? I'll be wrapping up soon.
Just wanted to give an update. Thank you and I hope you're all having a great weekend!
You do you and don't rush. Happy weekend to you too!


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Soo cute! I love your style, also thank you so much!

I'm glad you like it!

Thanks to everyone for all their kind comments. I think there was one more I meant to do but I'm actually not sure heh. I'd like to do another fullbody soon but I have no idea what I'm gonna choose for that. We'll see. I'll post something definite when I'm done with requests for sure.

Thanks again and stay safe!!


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You're art looks amazing! Here's Reynard's reference sheet for consideration.