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Kemono Doujins?

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I can't wait! I'm so riced on right now. You really get my ricey.

PMs. Now.

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Hit 'em right between the eyes

I guess doujins are weaboo games amirite?

Sorry, the only 'doujin' I know is a bullet hell STG known as Touhou, toho and Project Shrine Maiden. It is also the origin in my forum name.

Just say what are you talking about
what you say

So by following that these are games of hentai with weabooic animu walking animals?


You are so far from the truth it's not even funny.

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its cause your blind remember, you have the same views on furry porn anyway right
Maybe so, when I think about it all furry art on the interbutts looks the bloody same.

Never rely on a fetish subculture to provide quality art, especially when there were good artists who drew anthro animals before the fandom even existed, like Chuck Jones.


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You might be interested in this http://www.pixiv.net/tags.php?tag=ケモノ
Pixiv is for Japanese artists and has over 5000 pages of Kemono art. You need to register in order to view the art.
Doujinshi are also included at Pixiv, although many of them are samples from the artist in order to sell the hard copy of their doujinshi at Comiket (a doujinshi convention held twice a year in Tokyo.)
In the future, please check Pixiv for this style or other interests, tags are very searchable. And the art is, well, very impressive.

If you need help searching for Japanese tags, please let me know. Thank you~ m(__ __)m

Also, allow me to explain a few things for non-Japanese speakers or people who are unfamiliar:
Doujinshi are fan made comics and completely legal by Japanese copyright laws.
They do not always contain pornographic material.
Kemono is remarkably popular in Japan.
Doujinshi are not games, although there are doujinshi-games which are also fan made -- there are doujinshi-everything from soundtracks, drama CDs and even animation.
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The hell am I reading, here?
Isn't it against the rules somehow to post a thread straight-up asking for porn? It seems like it would be. :/
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