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(Commission) Selling: Kemono-ish digital Commissions (5€-20€)


Furry Artist

I'm open for commissions — you can check my website for more information and my ToS.

Bust — 5 €


Bust with solid color background. Only one character. Lined and colored, not shaded.

Headshot — 7 € (+5 € per additional character)


Headshot with simple background. Lined, colored and shaded.

Halfbody — 12 € (+9 € per additional character)


Halfbody with simple background or photo. Lined, colored and shaded.

Scene — 20 € (+12 € per additional character)


Lined, colored and shaded scene with full drawn background. Halfbody or shorter. A version with text can be added for free. It can be a redraw of a movie/series/anime screen capture or an original drawing.

Answer to the thread here or contact me via Telegram or Instagram dms (@/skiwhitepelt for both) if you're interested!