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KFC dating sim


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It’s weird. It’s strange. I’m interested.

Though, I am going to hazard a guess and say that this was targeted at Japanese consumers. From what I know, KFC is a pretty big chain over there.

If any Japanese furs wanna weigh in on this, that would be cool.
カーネル・サンダースを攻略?公式恋愛ゲームを米KFCが配信へ 2次元イケメンに完全変身 : J-CASTニュース
(Glanced at it, squirted coffee...)
Another comment called it a 公式が病気, which seems to be a term for official parody content, although I'm not sure if it is complimentary. 病気 can translate to both "weirdness" and "sickness."


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I don't really know what a 'Dating Sim' is but can you date chickens and foxes in this one? Might be kinda kinky....a fox with a dominant chicken...


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This pisses me off
I'm so tired of VNs being a joke genre in the West that people only make ironically.
Visual novels as a genre are constantly exploited in this awful "the only way people can enjoy this is through irony" kind of marketing in the West. Sites that don't normally talk about visual novels suddenly give one attention once one suddenly comes along that's hidden behind a layer of irony and comedy. And now a fast food joint of all places is capitalizing on this fact. It feels like an insult to the genre, spitting in the face of people who care about it and want genuine, quality, sincere VNs.

I dunno about all that. There are LOTS of VN's having joke concepts outside of the West. There's an entire genre for them in Japan, and they sell just as well if not better than the ones in the west since VN's are more popular there [both good and "good" joke ones]. It isn't an insult to anyone, it's just a different spin on the genre. That's like saying Action RPG's are an insult to Turn Based RPG's. Just play whatchya like and be amused dumb shit exists for the hell of it. The world is too big to lose one's head over something so small as a marketing technique for businesses (of which many cultures enjoy for the sake of wanting to laugh).

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Okay. After watching that, I cannot Believe that is a real thing.. :D


I have a friend who was excited to play the Game. I'm sure she's began playing it by now but I'll have to ask her.

I don't play Dating-Sims nor' am I interested in them. But boy, oh boy, did this one get me interested. Unfortunately, the Game is not Supported on Linux which is sad for me, because I was quite interested to see what this hype all around it was.