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Kickin it old school


New Member
How is everyone?.......just thought I'd join the forums from what I've seen on IRC. I used to be a top role player for the old Yahoo chat room Kitty Kat College (KKC) as Kitty_Hacker if anybody remembers those days.

Other than that I'm still role-playing. More into working on animation these days and computer graphics. Tap the shoulder if you got any questions anybody. Peace.

(btw - Glad to see somebody knows how to run forums correctly. I've seen some pretty funky forums that function pretty badly lately.)


Welcome to FA, yes, they do do a decent job with these forums. At least they don't have a chat site, those things cause way too much drama. I know a few in particular that are bad, and i know the admins of the sites so I know why they don't work. Anyways, welcome. ^^


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So this is you, right?


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Welcome onboard ^^

Yep, all the guys, who made nonsense, spammed on night. After that ios was quieter then ever ^^ (Unless maybe KaiserVadin -.-)

Have a cookie *hands you one*


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Hello and welcome to FAF! Feel free to chat me up anytime!
Info is over there!