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Kickstarter: Eden's Last Sunrise by Sungazer Software

Axid Cobravin

New Member
Hey. A week ago Sungazer Software, also known as Space Lizard, launched a Kickstarter for his second commercial project, Eden's Last Sunrise. You may have seen the ad on the Fur Affinity home page. This project is rather important to me as the developer is a great friend and mentor to me and I would like to see it succeed.



Eden's Last Sunrise^

This developer definitely delivers, so there is no worry on that. His first game was The Tenth Line, which you can find on steam. Both games involve a world with anthropomorphic races for furries and scalies alike. And since there is always a shortage of good games of that type, this new project would be an appreciated addition.



Finally the main purpose of this post, the Kickstarter has been slowing down the last few days. Without your help the project may die and it will be over. Please help if you are able at whatever amount you decide. Every bit is a great help.

Linked to the Kickstarter is also a playable demo so you can try it out immediately!