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kids yes or no?


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Quality thread you have here. :v
And the answer is no.
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I am not alone. The thing that gets me is when people who love kids hear this they always give me a death stare haha


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Reason I would hate kids is cuz of what Children's Online Daycare has turned them into



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Eh. Kids. They're annoying, clingy, have no sense of how important a situation is, and when I think back on myself of how I acted as a kid I cringe. But at some point in our lives we may change our minds, because chemicals and stuff.


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Yea, I'll have kids, but later in my life. I don't think they gonna be much of a trouble for me, because I'll let them live their own lives and only be the observer. Of course this might lead to them being taken away from me for child neglect and abuse.


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My girlfriend wants kids, but when we're older, so probably in around 10 years or so.

Right now, I'm apathetic.

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I probably hate it.
My boyfriend and I want kids, a boy and a girl. The thing about kids is that when you are 6 years old and little sally pushes you over on the playground, that is literally the worst thing that ever has happened to you. You dont understand the pains of adult life. Hell, teens dont eaven get that stress. The thing is tho, kids will come up to you and say " sally pushed me, and when you as an adult dismiss that child, and egnore the fact that that realy is the wort thing in there life, you are teaching the kid to not trust athorety, and therefore, not trust you. What causes a shithed kid to be shity is an adult who dusent give them proper developmental feedback, witch cases them to start acting out. The morle is treat kids like they are people, and like there problems matter, and they wont become anointing brats.


Someday Yeah, It'd be nice to have kids. My ultimate goal is to be a World History teacher, so I'd better get used to them eventually lol.
I'd love to have kids. The problem with most bratty kids these days is that their parents don't teach them otherwise because a) The parent is unaware and thinks their child to be a little angle or b) The parent is like the child and therefore doesn't see the issue. Little kids are adorable but most turn rotten at around 12.

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Can kinda feel a paternal instinct slowly rising as I get older.
So in that sense yeah sure kids why not?
Having a family larger than two people+pets seems like a logical conclusion to a relationship and is like an endgame to life once you're done leveling up to max, so to speak.
I'm afraid that if there ain't a kid I'm gonna die regretful as an old man if there is no child to call mine, or grandchildren.
It's like a choice really, have money to fuck around or have a family that never gets old, unlike traveling and such.
That said I'm in no rush at all. Gonna enjoy life as a young guy to the best of my abilities and consider a kid once the time for it comes.


I'd consider having a kid or two, but I've yet to meet a woman awesome enough to be their mom. And even if I do, there's no guarantee that we'll be in the right situation to have any. First things first, lol.

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I would someday love a child but if that were to never happen I would be fine with that as well ^^