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kids yes or no?


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I like children, but have never really wanted them.

Strangely enough, ever since I was little I wanted younger brothers or sisters. Never got any as I'm the youngest of four already. I had baby cousins for awhile but then they betrayed me and grew up.


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I can have kids because I have my sister genes and that would be cruel to have a kid that has the same disorders as her plus my dad's kidney and heart problems


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Hmmmm I personally don't like kids. I always try to avoid em. I'm more of a loner, staying in the shadows. Not wide open with bunch of lil kids. I also just don't have the patience ( I'm working on it btw). If I hear kids crying or screaming, i'll probably lose my S#!T.


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They're cute if they're someone else's (and well behaved), because I can let them go back to their parents after we play around or talk. But I definitely do not want my own. Plus the screaming and/or crying gets to me because I have noise issues.


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I on and off consider adopting in the distant future, but really, a kid would potentially hinder a lot of things I want to do in life. I'm sure my future wife would make me choose only one or the other when it comes to a child or a smattering of Burmese pythons and anacondas... and i'd prefer the snakes.

Hey look, someone who would make the exact same choice as me!

It's been a well established fact that I despise children and I don't play well with them. I had a younger sister that came along after I had a pair of Burmese pythons - the biological parents left a lot to be desired in the parenting department. I was seven, they got me a pair of burms. Then they didn't want to watch the little heathen (why have one of you don't want to take care of it?) and so put it's crib in my room. I tried to feed that baby to those snakes so many times.... You know what? Those stories about man eating snakes is a lie. Two Burmese I had and not a one of them would eat her. Wouldn't even strike and coil. Pff. No she grew up grabbing and hugging them and letting them drag her around my room. Little snot never even got tagged once.
I've had my fill of children. No. I don't want any of my own and I don't care to be around anyone else's either.


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Plus the screaming and/or crying gets to me because I have noise issues.
Dear God, why did I forget to mention this specifically the first time I posted here? I'd love not to have to deal with noisemakers.


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Kids? Have kids some day that's my own, yes. Other people's kids? Hell no.

Not interested in screaming, wailing and narcissistic midgets. Not to mention their fucking PARENTS. Don't get me even started on that, or it'll never end. :p


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How much I can tolerate children is directly proportional to how much of a smartass they are, because those are the ones that yell less.

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Children make me incredibly nervous. I don't hate them, but I'd much rather not be very close to them. Or, be made to watch over them.

If I ever had a child, I would adopt one.


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