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King Richard's Faire!

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Ok. I wasn't sure where to put this, It isn't furry related and isn't a con so I figured it should go here.

If anyone lives in New England then they probubly know what King Richard's Faire is. Its a mid-evil faire held is Mass. I just went last week end for the second time! Its awsome, I didnt' dress up but I bought a pair of leather arm braces for $124 with a life time warrentee! ^^ (I'll get a pic soon)

I met a fur there too. Unfortuately at the last moments before I left and didn't get his name but I did get a pic of him. I am hoping to try and find him but I doupt I will, If you're on here I was the guy that asked if you were a fur!! ><

I got a few good pictures of people and i'll have to post them ASAP. THis place is awsome guys, 90% of everything sold there is all hand crafted by experts. Stuff ranging from staffs, armor, leather works of all sorts, daggers, battle axes, swords as tall as I am, glass works, pewter, candles, and a plethera of other things. If you ever get a chance to go then GO. It's held on late september, october, and early november.

Next year I have to go with atleast 1000 dollars XD it's awsome!!!

(Oh! And hello. I've been gone for a while :3 )


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Everytime I wanted to go on a medieval fair, I didn't manage. Add insult to injury, there's one each year near where I live.


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Sounds like a renaissance festival, I went to one here in Florida and it was a blast. They had all the stuff you listed, the sword and such where so awesome but expensive. It happens in mid February here and I can't wait to go again.:)

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I agree with pheonix seeing how we went together to renfest It does sound a lot like it and I bet the one by you is better. :) I am anxious waiting for febuary