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KingKoopa's Pixel WIPs (Cars n' stuff!)


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Hi. This is a link to my FA profile, where I post my completed stuff (and most of it is pretty old and bad since most of my recent improvement came from stuff I've never finished/published). This thread is where I'll post my WIPs.

See, I tend to actually finish my shit when I'm showing the WIPs to people, so here we are. And if you looked at that link, you'll find that this thread is gonna be mostly cars, partly Pokémon, and not a whole lot else. 'S just what I like doing.

Right now I'm working on the beginnings of a YCH.


- Sketch backdrop
- Shading/detail on car
- Backdrop detailing
- Post YCH ad​


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Cars are difficult I think.

It is a true sporty pixel art image.
Is it like a Nascar car? =D


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I love pixel art!


Pixel Junkie

aaaaaaaaaa i only have a couple days to finish this before the challenge deadline

I've got a couple more hours left in me tonight, so I'll try to get most of the bike's shading done. Then I can finish that up tomorrow and hopefully have enough time to do something about that backdrop. I was never good at pixeling foliage and I thought it'd be a good idea to fill the entire frame with the damn stuff ._.


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It ain't a WIP like the thread title promises, but I did make a thing. Kind of a shame, though -- I had much bigger ideas for this once I had the lineart, but then nothing I sketched out really worked. With this and the last one, it kinda seems I've worked myself into a cycle of "have big ideas, fall short and end up with something a little subpar..." :/


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don't mind me, just going through another month-long art block

I'm trying once again to create a fursona that I like, and this time it's going well enough that I can at least show off what I have so far:


Her design isn't really speaking to me though. Kinda nondescript, y'know? I kinda want to make her look a little more feminine as well, which is usually done with hair, but how do you add hair to a saluki? The ears are already covered in long fur. Bleh.

It's 2 AM, I'll look at it after some sleep and see what I think.


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Tweaked the character design a little bit... I'm actually starting to like it. The shades of white fur aren't great, but maybe after several more days of working excruciatingly slowly I might create something good.