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Kirby:Planet Robobot Susie's true identity


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We all might have played Kirby: Planet Robobot and I want to get this out.The following contains spoilers so if you don't wanna be spoiled,click out now.For the others,enjoy!

We know or don't know Susie,who works as a secretary for Haltmann corporation.However,you might not know her TRUE story.First let's look at the pause screen description when you face Susie 2.0.It says "As a child, Sue was involved in an accident during a mother computer experiment and went missing. Why has she joined the company after all this time? Her full name is Susanna Patrya Haltmann".Let's talk about this a bit.We know she's the daughter of President Haltmann,hence her last name. We know Haltmann wants to see his daughter again from his description later, but why would he be doing this invasion project instead of searching for her if she just "went missing"? How could she possibly come back and not be recognized by him if he wants to see her again, especially since she's not even using an alias? It makes much more sense that she died and that her "return" was orchestrated by him and relates to the project.

Next,we take our focus on the description that is said when you face Dedede Clone 2.0.The pause screen description says,"It has the look and voice of King Dedede, but not his soul. Some things can't be cloned. Some of the trial models were only interested in food, some were fearful of a certain insect, and all were imperfect".So what does this description tell us? It emphasizes how the cloning process doesn't get you the real thing because you can't copy a soul. It looks and sounds like the original, but it's not it.

This is just speculation, but the original Susie was probably sweet and kind. The Susie we meet is only interested in industrialization and taking over. She even betrays "her father" for her own gain. That doesn't seem like a real person's behavior. I have read that her tone is very cold and cruel--almost as if she doesn't have a soul.Now, see how the other final bosses put a heavy emphasis on the cloning abilities of the Star Dream.

For Dark Matter Clone,it stated in the description,"Creating this dark swordsman pushed Star Dream to the limits of its abilities. The cloning process was a success, but only a partial data analysis was possible, and its true form has not yet emerged".As for the Queen Sectonia Clone,it said,"Data was collected from traces of a giant flower the invaders stumbled upon. Cloning it produced the insect queen. Its data contains elements of creatures spanning a period of 1000 years".

But in Galacta Knight's description however,he feels the need to mention "he is not a clone" So we know cloning obviously has a lot to do with the Star Dream.Finally, the descriptions of Haltmann and the final final boss Star Dream OS delve into Haltmann's motivations.

It says,"His full name is Max Profitt Haltmann. Ever since losing his only child in an accident long ago, he’s dedicated his life to the company. However, his only wish is to see his daughter once again…" Okay,this doesn't sound to me that she got lost.It sounds to me like she died.The Star Dream Soul OS description finally sums it all up.

It said,"Why did I reactivate such a terrible machine? Oh, I remember—I wanted to see her just one last time. How foolish! I should have known that no machine could make such a dream come true."

This final monologue brings it all together.People have put together that Susie IS the daughter but are left with the question why the two don't seem to recognize each other. The answer is that Susie is without a soul and therefore either doesn't know or doesn't care. Haltmann does know--he used the Star Dream's cloning power to create a clone of his lost daughter. But the final description, clearly spoken by him, confirms the truth, that no machine can truly bring her back, only create a soulless copy.

I hope you enjoyed this.Let me know what you think in the comments.Try not to say,"oh you spoiled the game for me!" or "spoiled it! spoiled it! spoiled it! spoiled it!"
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