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Kitchen Mishaps And Cooking Nightmares


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
I almost set myself on fire this morning cooking sausages and collared greens with toast lol. It happen so fast without any warning the fire shot up into the air and almost lite up and melted my face and whole body. Before the happen a few months ago I burned my leg with hot water while cooking some meat and my leg is still healing.
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Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
A long time ago I burned a hole through my foot when I was seven years old after cooking a beef pot pie and years later I was cooking pop tarts and I burn the plate along with the pop tarts so bad that thick gray smoke almost killed me and my relatives. I'am a way better cook than I was years ago but I'am nowhere close enough to become a professional cheif or enter a cooking compation(not my cup of tea).


The sheep
One time I heated a cup of Mr Noodles in the microwave without putting water in it first.

Sergei Sóhomo

One time I made cheesecake but never knew I lacked 60% of the ingredients until I started

It was basically jsut burnt graham crumbs and leathery cheese


A Lynx to the past
I set a deep fryer on fire (lol, I'm a poet xD) at work once...and I also once made chilli con carne and forgot to add the meat :p


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
Happened at work. Guy beat one another employees face in with a hot fryer basket.


Hare Boi
I cut half my thumb off with a mandolin (like a really sharp grater), got 3rd degree burns from corndogs, and various minor stuff.

zyther kaldrok

the strange hyena
i think worst cooking mishap was when i was trying to lift a thing of soup some of it got on the floor and i didnt realize. so i slipped smacked my head on a wall and woke up in the hospital being treated for 3rd degree burns

zyther kaldrok

the strange hyena
that was years ago and the only scar i have from it is like a hole thing in the back of my head i guess i hit a corner


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
Thanks naughty sheep Electra says and smiles then puts on the sexy nurse outfit and says I'am going to take care of you sugar and you are going to be fine sexy naughty thing and checks your blood pressure good looking hyena.


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
Hey Scales42 I once heated up some left overs with aluminum foil in a microwave and my father started screaming so I ran to the kitchen and that's when I saw loud fireworks boom boom.


GTWT Survivor
I’m so confused right now.


back to Aussie foxying!
Since I barely cook I don't really have any horror stories on the same magnitude, at least regarding myself. However, I have witnessed a few in my days of food tech. Once the two class clowns were legit smoking paper!


I was cooking Thanksgiving Turducken and I set one of the ovens on fire o_0 long story short I had to pay to re-do the kitchen and Laundry Room oof


My pot exploded once. I was in my living room when it happened and I heard something slam. I ran into my kitchen only to see the oven open and exploded glass and potatoes everywhere. It was a pain to clean.