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Kitchen Mishaps And Cooking Nightmares


The sheep
Actually my oven element exploded one time. Same thing; glass and pizza everywhere. RIP pizza.


Diaper Fox
I haven't had any serious kitchen mishaps, but I was once trying to boil a pot of potatoes. I came back after awhile and started wondering why the pot wasn't getting remotely warm. I then realized I had turned on the wrong burner earlier.


Literal S.O.B
I made a pumpkin pie completely from scratch, complete with cooking down an actual pumpkin and pureeing it to make the filling. I was so looking forward to this pie. So of course I drop the entire thing while removing it from the oven. An entire day spent in the kitchen with nothing to show for it except a big mess on the floor. I'll admit it, I cried.


New Member
once I've broken 5 glasses made of porcelain. They were in the sink, full of cold water. I turned hot water on. Fail. :confused::mad: However, I'm actually okay with this failure. The whole thing is in the fondue pots set which was right next to these glasses, I am so scared that once I'll repeat the trick with hot and cold water, lol. These pots are actually important for my family. It has recently become a family tradition: we bought a Cuisinart FP-115RS Cast Iron Fondue Set, which is a perfect set for us and every weekend we cook choclate fondue for the whole family. Besides, we've bought this set owing to Well-Fed. This article was indispensable in taking the decision!
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Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
once I've broken 5 glasses made of porcelain. They were in the sink, full of cold water. I turned hot water on. Fail. :confused::mad:

That must have been an interesting sound to hear. Though your not alone. I did that once with a plate. I didn't understand what happened until I looked it up. I legit thought I became the hulk while washing dishes for a minute lol.

Marius Merganser

The Duke of Birds
There's a window above my kitchen sink and I had one of those little cactus plants on the sill.
While I was washing dishes, the cactus fell and I instinctively tried to catch it.

(But I'm feeling MUCH better now.)

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I was trying to sautée some mushrooms in oil and vodka(?) when the latter caught fire and took my forearm hair with it.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Not mine, but when I served in the military.

The cooker made some cutlets, we called it Mil-spec Tungsten Cutlets. They're of course not made of tungstens, but hope you know the jokes. The MTC was like bulletproof pads, the dish was a legend.


Well-Known Member
I once removed a chunk of flesh from my finger with a vegetable peeler, it was during my hospitality exam, and there was the time the electric whisk I was holding discharged in my hand, causing a bright sight.

Rhys Tieran

Oh, this one is gonna be embarrassing.

Back when I'd started cooking for fun, however long ago, I was following a Gordon Ramsay recipe for oven cooked ribs which called to use a roasting pan on the stovetop in order to have enough room for all of the individually cut ribs. We didn't have a steel one, just a... *sigh* glass one. Most everyone knows where this is going. I put it on the stove top, applying direct heat to it, and waited for it to heat while I cut the ribs. I turned around to talk to a roommate and heard a loud, as best I could describe it, explosion. It was SO loud, like... My ears were ringing, not to mention the glass that hit me in the back, although there were no injuries. Turns out, it's not a good idea to apply direct heat to a glass pan. Luckily, no one was hurt aside from me stepping on some missed glass a week later. On the bright side, I still was able to make the ribs which turned out pretty good!


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
Oh yea. When I was younger I realized that I'd never seen anyone microwave something with tinfoil on or even with a utensil in the bowl or something. No one had ever taught me not to and (being in the days of dial up in the middle of nowhere) I didn't think anything of it and put some foil-wrapped stuff and got to watch a brief disco light show in the time it took me to hit the stop button.


Blue frog
I made some carioca rice and put it in the oven. Didn't turn it on, just let it rest there to keep it warm as I'd finish doing other stuff. Had my lunch, all very nice and moved on.

Weeks later, the kitchen would smell weird for some reason. I figured the rice was still in the oven, beautifully covered with mold. Which means I completely forgot about it when I had that lunch

Unrelated note: I've noticed that what I call "lunch" seems different from an American perspective. Am I right to assume that "dinner" sounds a better suited word for "fancy" meals (i.e. a varied food combination), regardless of time of the day?


Top hatted fox
I remembe one time,my sister backed a cake and let it cool in the window,i was walking around the kitchen and saw something on the floor,bending over to grab it,i bumped on the plate, and all i heard was a crash from the outside, looking out i saw the wrecks of the plate and cake all over the ground.

Despite everything me and my sister had a good laugh, we where lucky our downstairs neighbour was'nt with her head out from her window. I don't think she would find it funny being smacked in the head by a hot cake.