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Kitty cat is up for commishes! :3

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Kitty of Love
Hello there! :3

I'm in need of some extra money, you know here is the summer :3 So here is my commission infoes, I hope I can get some new *purrs* And this time I can show many examples of my art :3


There you can find most of my commission works :3

Base prices X3

One character, lineart - 10 €
For additional characters - +5 €

One character, colored - 30 €
For additional charaters - +15 €
Detailed background - +5 €
Example - One character, simple bg - http://www.yiffstar.com/index.yiff?pid=52758
Two character, simple bg - http://www.yiffstar.com/index.yiff?pid=54065
Two character, detailed bg - http://www.yiffstar.com/index.yiff?pid=52087

Please note that my prices ar in euro, but you can send the payment in usd if you want. (1 Euro = 1.5772 U.S. dollars)

And I can offer PRINTS of my own artworks too if anyone is interested in this :3
One A4 sized (8x6 inch) print costs: $15
Shipping to Europe: $5, International: $10

Hopies you are interested! :3 *purrs*
Not open for further replies.