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Knife in my back I need to get out


I'll warn people this is going to probably be a pretty long and emo-ish post, so feel free to pass on reading it, even though I could probably use a bit of help with this crap.

First I'll just introduce myself. My name is Allen, I am currently 21 years old, I just moved in into my own place by myself and after 6 years of dial up, just upgraded to a DSL connection.

I am a furry, and I have a confession to make about it. And before you think, I don't care that people really know that I like watching humanoid animals fucking each other. That's really the least of the issue that I'm currently having. My problem right now is that I've become sort of a selfish prick with this community. I used to be majorly into it, going and looking up every artist I could and downloading every picture they had. I also met some really cool artists who are now some great friends of mine. But over the course of years, I've slightly drifted away from all that and started going into depression, and all the motivation to go out and get all artists work started to drift away. I also started to become very jealous over the artists friends I had, when they would agree to draw me a picture, but take their own time to actually draw the image, or just plain forget about it till I bring it up. The time they usually took about a few months, some even a few years or not even do it at all, yet they still kept a process of drawing things for everyone else they knew like it was no real problem. Though part of the shitty feeling I got over this was my problem, since I believe I was usually the one to ask about a picture to draw for me in the first place.

Over this course of time, my depression grew and grew, rotting away my mind and almost causing me to lose all of my good friends. Though I finally got over it a few years ago, I'm not sure how, but I don't really feel like crap anymore. Still though, all that negativity that I had made me become selfish for furry porn. Basically it grew to the point where if it didn't involve me, I didn't want to hear about it, or see it. Which sadly caused me to lose a great friend of mine cause I ended up bitching at him till I broke the last straw, and now I regret that.

So basically I think I've decided what I want to do to maybe help myself get over this problem. I want to go and find all the good artists people really like, and check out their stuff. The few artists that I know of and already have most of their works, are Ayame, Dennis Pawers, DK_Luis, Dr Comet, Eric Schwartz, gNAW, Jeremy Mullins, Kandlin, and Max Black Rabbit. Problem is, I don't really know who else people majorly like, so I'd like to hear what other people tend to watch all the time. If it helps I tend to like the typical male/female, female/female, male/male, and herms (but not doing guys, oddly). Only few things I can think of what I don't like are vore, pissing, scat, cub, fursuits, pregnancy, and some pokemon/digimon (to an extent, if they're like they are in the game/anime then no, but if their body structers have been made more human then I would enjoy it usually) stuff.

Any help would be appreciated and hopefully I won't be bitched at for this. And thanks to everyone who took their time to read this.


Best advice I can give for finding good artists within FurAffinity is to see who a given person is watching, and check out those people; then see who *they're* watching, and so on. Yeah, some of 'em are crap, but most are pretty good.

Feel free to start from my watch-list; it's only about 20 people, since I'm fairly new here and I'm rather picky.