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Knitted Scalemaille Gauntlet Commissions Wanted!


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Summer has given me a lot of free time to knit! All of the proceeds I make go to paying for college expenses! Right now, I have 8 slots open for knitted gauntlets of all sizes and colors! Depending on a furbuy auction, I may or may not have a scale tail commission slot open as well. See my FA account for example pictures!

Basically, prices go as such:
Small (50 scales per hand): $20
Medium (100): $35
Large (200): $65
Extra Large (250-300): $80
Those are just for having scales on top and a smooth knitted surface on the bottom. I'll like the official price sheet at the bottom of here for other options, along with available scale colors, and the scale tail TOS/Quote Form. I have almost all yarn colors, and can get most desired colors if I don't already have it. Scale colors are limited to the sheet below.
*You get the pair for the price above. EX: its not $35 for the right hand and another $35 for the left.
*Glow in the dark option has different pricing, all others adhere to above list.

All payments are accepted only via paypal, communication is via email, FA Notes, or Telegram. Email is preferred option. Shipping comes out of Michigan, USA. Buyer pays shipping.

Email: KCKnitsEMU@gmail.com OR MCWuffjaye@gmail.com
Telegram: @Wuffjaye
FA: www.furaffinity.net/user/Jaye
Pricing sheet: docs.google.com: KCKnits Pricing Sheet
Color Options: docs.google.com: Available Scale Colors
Scale Tail TOS and Quote Form:

*Sidenote: I'm learning how to make an articulated scale tail soon, so hopefully that will be an option later as well!
Current Furbuy Auctions:
Small white tail $20: FurBuy - View Auction #1084487
Steel Gauntlets $35: FurBuy - View Auction #1084532
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