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Main Site Known Problems: First Reported Dates


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One of the things I think is missing from the list of known problems is a date when the problem is first reported. This, I think, is quite important, especially with the recent huge change to the UI, many of the problems were carried over, but many similar problems are now being lumped into the old categories, thinking it is the same problem.

In my case I reported that when I change the icon, only the icon, on an old submission, while the new icon appears when you search for the submission, or when you look in gallery and folder lists, if you bring up the actual item on it's own page, it says, "Item Not Found". Plainly, and obviously, when the icon is updated, the pointer to the icon on the page is not being updated.

This problem is of very recent origin, as I have been changing icons for quite some time, and never ran into the problem until recently, and now it happens every single time. I have even framed the beginning of the problem between July 16th of 2019 and December 22nd 2019 when I reported it (although I had several experiences with it several times before that to make sure it was not intermittent). I also HIGHLY suspect it occurred when the UI was updated.

Yet, because they already have a very old report of icons not displaying, I have the feeling it's been lumped in there, as if it is the same problem.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt that a problem I never experienced before recently, and now experience every single time is the same problem as reported earlier, UNLESS the date of it being reported the first time is November or December of 2019.

I don't know why I should bother to report problems when that is how they will be treated.


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There's a few issues that may be responsible for that. FA handles icons a bit differently than, say, Twitter. We use some aggressive caching as well. So if you update an icon the regular icon will update right away, but mini-icons (such as when you :embed: and icon) can take up to 24 hours to update, so that may be related.

Otherwise, I'll need some specific examples of the behavior happening so I can look into it more.


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But the regular icon is NOT updating on the page, at all, weeks after being uploaded. It's updated in mini-icons immediately.

Here's an example:

www.furaffinity.net: Chapter 111: Paint The Sky With Stars by maxgoof -- the icon on the page says "Image Not Found"

However, go to:

www.furaffinity.net: Chapter 110: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by maxgoof -- Look at the main gallery list: there's the icon just to the left of "Main Gallery".

Go to:

Artwork Gallery for maxgoof -- Fur Affinity [dot] net -- There's the icon there.

It shows up everywhere EXCEPT on the page it's for.

BTW, I'm using the Classic Template, Stylesheet Light, just in case that's important.


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@Dragoneer @maxgoof
Pardon me butting in, I just want to hopefully ease your communication by making the observation that you seem to be talking past each other.

When Dragoneer says “icon,” he’s talking about user avatars.
When Max says “icon,” he’s talking about story submission thumbnails.


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Yes, I was about to post that correction. Other sites call the same thing an icon. It's the thumbnail.