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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Koala-Clown | Auction (OPEN | SB: 70$)


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Cute koala-clown
AUCTION | Ends at May 15 - 16:00 (EST - New York)

SB: $70
MB: $5
AB: $100

- character + colored chibi (A1, B1)
80$ - character + colored chibi (A1, B1) + colored chibi (A2 or B2)
100$ - character + colored chibi (A1, B1) + colored chibi (A2, B2) + gift (sketch bust)

- You can make small changes, like spots, different eye color etc.
- You can choose any gender, name, age etc.
- You can resell the adopt after you buy or draw at least one art of this adopt, please let me know if you do so.
- Please, NO fake bids
- Don't delete my sign (bottom left)
- You are NOT allowed to claim this design as your own.
- Credit me if you're going to publish this reference on your page.
- PayPal only.
- I will send you invoice.
- You have 38 hours to send the payment, if you don't, I will cancel your purchase and resell the adopt.

Please, bid here: ^ Koala clown AUCTION