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Kobo-Kun, which is short for Kobochi, is a fox who now weighs around 2500 ibs and is about 6'0'. He has spiky yellow hair, and a small pair of glasses. In addition, he also wears a white (not so much white anymore) T-Shirt under another ripped blue T-Shirt, along with a pair of suspenders to keep him mobile. Kobo-Kun is a very big slob when it comes to eating, and if you are to give him a treat, expect a big, slobbery, hug. Although, he is quite friendly enough without you having to give him anything at all.

Kobo-Kun is a character I originally created for my story, playing a minor role (which I am deciding whether or not to change). When first created, he was only slightly chubby. However, constant force-feeding has transformed him into the big, slobbery fuzzball you see before you now.

(Image drawn for my by Tolstoy)
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-Murrs- Kobo u are a sexy one, then again, i always thought u were sexy -rubs ur belly-