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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Kobold adobts $15


Local Bizartist
Hey, I’ve been working on some design ideas for kobolds for something to shake up my usual routine, thought I’d offer up some of the designs out to you folks and see if anyone wanted to scoop them up to stop them fading into obscurity in my experiment folders.

Just to buy the design is $15,
As an optional extra, if you would like me to turn your purchased design into a proper reference sheet I’d happily add the appropriate extra bits for another $15 which would include adding a more detailed portrait, colour blobs, name (you can pick one or keep the current), species, some close ups on anatomy. Happy to edit the physique a bit also.

More to come potentially but here’s a sweet natured soft skinned variety!
(Higher quality image )

#1 SkyStrypes : Available
#2 LeafLace : Available
#2 FireFlecks : Available
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