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Kobold Species list?

Hey there, there's been an explosion of kobold popularity over the past year or so, so I was wondering if we could have "kobold" added to the species list. It would be so nice to be able to have that option instad of having to tick "reptilian (other) every time.


Reptilian? I thought kobolds were furry quasi-canines....
Starting with the third edition, the reptilian nature got played up for kobolds in D&D. Earlier editions portrayed them more as devil-dogs in appearance and behavior, albeit hairless, egg-laying devil-dogs.


The sheep
They don't have sheep either. Suck it up lol. I have to either pick "Goat" which is wrong, or "Bovines (General)"


Oh, for the artwork tags. Guess they only bothered with the more popular ones. Would be neat if it was a proper tree (order/family/genera kinda thing) but I guess that'd be overkill...and probably wouldn't work so well for the Mythicals anyway...