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Heya! I’m new and not sure how this site works yet so forgive me if I make some mistakes! Also I have no idea how to check on my unapproved posts so I don’t know if stuff I’ve sent just didn’t go through or is still waiting on approval so sorry if I cause anyone any bother!

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Don't worry, I can see this post just fine :3

Welcome to the forums. It's nice to meet you :D

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Haha thanks! I was more referring to the tavern rp place so I hope I don’t cause the mods there too much bother!
The mods have been very reasonable and cool for a while now in my opinion. They are doing a good job. I'd say you have nothing to worry about.


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Hello and welcome to the forums

Kobold huh, I presume rp or dnd player. Am I correct?


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Welcome! Enjoy your stay!

Edit: forgot a very important image.

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