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Kuku the Ancona chicken


Name: Kuku (my friend's kid named him that; "Kuku like a coo-coo clock!")
Age: No defined age, probably mid twenties.
Sex: Male
Species: Ancona chicken
Height: 5'9" ish
Weight: no idea because hollow bones yadda yadda.

Appearance: Upright chicken with wingarms?
Hair/fur: lolnope (His feathers are black, though. Comb, waddle, and around the eye are red.)
Markings: White spots all over except his tail.
Eye color: blue
Other features: Couldn't fly if he fell and didn't land.

Behavior and personality: Chillax guy who's very social and friendly. He's not too bright sometimes, but he is kind and compassionate. He doesn't like it when people fight and will play mediator in those cases. He smokes, but he hides it from his parents. He also drinks - but he hides that from his parents too. Despite being old enough to do things without their permission, he loves his family and would hate to see them upset. He's third generation Mexican but speaks no Spanish because his parents never taught him or spoke it around him (in an attempt for him to learn English better). The only Spanish he knows is slang that his friends taught him - stuff, of course, he wouldn't say around mom or dad. His best friend is an androgynous female cat who goes by Fang.

Skills: People skills, knowing life half the damn city he lives in, being an ace at drink mixing, often being the life of the party, close connection to family.
Weaknesses: "chickens out" if he's challenged to something serious, smoker's cough, people wondering why he's not a fighting rooster (since his spurs are very noticeable).

Likes: Marlboro reds (usually he can't afford them), hot chicks :v, hanging out, partying, socializing etc; his job at the liquor store, his family (notice a theme?), any sweet deals, muscle cars, repairing cars and motorcycles, making people happy, stupid puns.
Dislikes: people messing with his bros, duckfaces, people bein' mad at him, seeing piles of perfectly good cars sit and rust for years, Fang's sense of humor.

History: Miami kid, born and raised. He was raised in a very strict household, but never held it against his parents. He never really had anything traumatic happen directly to him, at least not growing up. In his early twenties, after graduating from a car repair program, his only sibling (a sister) died in a car accident. He became much closer to his family as a consequence, and would do anything to ease someone else's suffering. However, in doing so, sometimes he forgets to take care of himself. Fang, a girl he met via the auto repair class, keeps him on target even if they disagree sometimes. Fang an Kuku live in a small apartment together and would probably get the "when are you getting married" shtick a thousand times if it weren't for Fang being a raging dyke.

~~~~other shit~~~~

Clothing: No shirts as he has wingarms, but he wears jeans from time to time. He usually doesn't bother with clothes; being a chicken and all.


Goal: repair muscle cars
Profession: Liquor store clerk
Theme song:
I'll think of one later.
B-day/star sign: n/a because no real age

I don't want to fill the rest in