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Lamb Of God is BACK!


To start off, if this thread already exists, mods, feel free do delete it.
Yes, I know this is sorta old news since they released the Music video for 'Still Echos' a month ago, but I've been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and didn't know about it until now.
But anyway, I just listened to the three songs they've released off their upcoming album and I must say it REALLY got me pumped for it. I'm a huge LOG fan, and felt their last album (Resolution) was a bit of a disappointment. But after hearing the three released from their new album titled Sturm und Drang (Meaning Storm and Stress in German), all my love and faith in them is restored! It seems to me that there are so many good Heavy Metal releases this year...


I swear I will not kill anyone
This would probably be a better place to discuss this. That topic could really use some activity.
But yes, I'm pretty excited for the upcoming album. This really is a good year for metal. New Cattle Decap, Fear Factory, Lamb of God, Soilwork.. The list goes on. ^^


IKR? I can't hardly wait for the new Cattle Decap either!