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Which ones?

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I like to nuke ^^
@Ulmen: Ok, Frauen vertragen idR ja nicht so viel wie Männer (gibt natürlich auch Ausnahmen). ;-)
@Talvi & Midi Bear: sometimes the thought counts more than the success. Iow: Ich weiss ja was ihr sagen wollt, passt schon. ^^

C. Lupus

Well acctually I am not a true Finn X3. I am just learning swedish for 2 months (begginers course ofcourse :3), so to be honest... I didnt understand that part "i metal landet" what do you acctually mean.

haha I see :D. And ye I saw now that ur from Croatia. I ment like this, "so how is it in metal land?"

Hint, Finland is Famous for metal music ;P


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English, Russian and Romanian/Moldavian.

Looking into learning German, French and Japaneese.

Adelio Altomar

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Let's English, obviously, and of course,
Spanish, and then there's the French me and a few students of the language used to annoy various users that didn't like any non-English language. X3


Care to join me for a bit?
english and french


Fluent in English.

I can read French, but I've lost the spoken part and as for writing.....I can't spell in any language. I wouldn't starve in Montreal or Cape Breten, but beyond poutine and spruce beer from a petite depanier, it would be touch and go.

Other: C++, Fortran77, Basic

...and some broken English

Smart ass! :razz:

To your list, I can add in Pascal (the real C!), Cobol, dBase, JCL, RPG III, IBM 360 Assembler, enough PHP/python to know I suck at it, and my working language.....Cisco IOS.

Lillie Charllotte

Utsukuchiku no yagi.
Russian isn't up?


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Maybe I would have been smarter to put down "Russian" rather than Portuguese.

Oh well.

Adelio Altomar

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I dunno if I should be surprised to see French and Spanish are running neck and neck.

Also, other languages I'm just playing around with like an otter with a rock are Swedish (it's just so f***ing cool), since it seems to be one of the bigger languages for Eurodance, and Quenya and Sindarin (both forms of Elvish) since they sound so pretty.


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Is it the language that's pretty, or the sexy voice speaking it? ;D

Adelio Altomar

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Céna i elyen pasta ómanya i ná ve lissë s�*r' et hoa ehtelëo nas mara.

Also, do you hate me or does my AIM account hate you? I don't get a reply from you no matter how many times I send you a message. And I don't wanna become a complete pest. :-\


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I wasn't getting messages from you :O


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English. Know enough Chinese and French to get by in their respective countries of origin, but not fluent...yet. Plan to be fluent in Mandarin eventually, since my father's the research administrator of a bioengineering company's extension in Beijing and may be moving there soon. Bah. Frickin hard language needs to die.


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And where is Gaelic on this list?! I demand a revote!


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I am fluent in English and ASL, and have a decent grasp of French and German.


English, damn near fluent French. I lived in France for a while, in the Dordogne. It would have been nice, but it was full of old bumpkins and English people, who were just plain wankers.