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Last minute introduction!

Heya everybody!
I know I'm being very short with time and introducing right on the last few hours, but I felt like I should contribute to this forum before it'll stop its activity.
Honestly I been on FurAffinity site for many years, but discovered the forum only recently, always postponed formal introduction cause I'm very shy! I'm very bad on introduce myself, so please forgive me if I don't do it properly. xwx

First of all I'm Oujitsuki L. Yamigami, but friends call me Ouji or Yami or even with other silly nicknames! I'm a kitsune that often shapeshifts to hide between mortals. XD
I'm addicted to blue, I like anything that is blue! I don't like sweet food. I don't have specific passions, I like mostly to learn new things and don't have limits.
Sorry but for now I still don't have arts about my fursona to show, but planning to fix that asap!

Now I don't know what else to add, but I'm glad I did in time to join this forum before too late, will be a good memento for me to have joined the community here! ^^
Wish you all an happy new year!


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Welcome! What's your favorite fruit?
You like blue? Well I like red, SO THERE!
If you seek another forum some of use migrated to https://furfaction.boards.net/

It took me awhile before I ventured into the forums too, so nothing to be ashamed about. At least you got in before it was too late, yes!? :3