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Last movie you watched!


Fun loving kitty cat

Before that...couldn't wait for Halloween, "Lone Wolf"!!! (the furry-themed horror-slasher low-budget one)
I'll talk about all the movies I saw this week just because. Blue Collar (1978) was one of the most miserable and cynical films I've seen and I loved it! Shaft (1971) is just way cool, nothing else like 70s NYC films. Was skeptical going into Elvis (2022) but its style and superhero mythologizing really won me over. And yesterday I saw All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) which, despite me hating all the songs, I still enjoyed a lot, love Burt Lancaster dog
Watched The Evil Dead for the first time despite seeing the second one and Army of Darkness many times in the past. It was awesome, love its energy
Watched The Empty Man (2020) the other day because it seems to have been the last day it's on streaming services before it's gone forever. Anyway kind of a weird mixed bag of a movie. Some parts are genuinely creepy and ingenious, others kind of tired and cliched, but those negatives may be positives for reasons which I don't wanna get into due to spoilers. It's still overlong but there's more than enough there to intrigue me and I'll probably be thinking about it for a while


Fun loving kitty cat
John Wick, first time believe it or not. Loved it and can't wait to see #2 this weekend.


crazy, furry aviation geek
Gladiator, amazing action-packed movie
An American Werewolf in London. Great werewolf effects and I love its sense of humor. Been watching nothing but horror movies this month and catching up to a lot of great ones I haven't before seen and it's been a swell idea.