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Last movie you watched!


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"Justice League: Doom". Love how they portrayed Cheetah and Vandal Savage, but especially Cheetah! Raur! <smile>


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Marvels New Mutants


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Jaws for the 500th ish time

Nexus Cabler

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They Live (1988)
Bullet Train on Netflix

Good acting, wife and I agree that the writer was probably jerking off to himself as he wrote it.
Currently watching Zombie (1979) in another window. I feel sure that the last movie I finished watching from beginning to end was The Dark Knight (2008); a rewatch, not the first time, mind you.


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Now You See Me.

Amazing movie, if you enjoy magic tricks and plot twists ;)


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Guillermo del toro’s Pinocchio
Edit: haha look at the one above I just noticed it