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Last movie you watched!


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last night i watched on netflix blood red sky , it's about an ailing mother and her son going on a plane , then terrorists hijack the plane but turns out mom was a vampire so she tries to stop those terrorists before they crash the plane

there is alot going on in the movie more then the quick summary i put up, but i did enjoy the movie , mind you i watched it dubbed and i don't think the dubbing was that great , it seemed to lack some of the emotion shown ,but it was a nice fresh movie that i don't think i have seen before , the only other knock i can give to it is some weird quick character personality changes that kind of brought me out ,and odd logic here and there, but it was nicely acted you can really tell how hard the mother is trying to stay in control of her affliction through out, and the bittersweet ending was a good way to end this movie


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Resident Evil. It was okay I suppose. Not really my thing, just went with my friend cause it was something to do.

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Spiderman No Way Home.

I really enjoyed it.


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I watched Birth (2004) in which Nicole Kidman has feelings for a little boy. It was awesome, but really hard to watch for obvious reasons.

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Farce of the Penguins

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This...whatever it was


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I just watched "Don't Look Up" on Netflix and loved it. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. It's absolutely fitting with all the nonsense that goes on in our world right now. Very worth watching.


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Saw Spiderman No Way Home the other night. Still got excited chills thinking about it!!!

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I saw the Matrix Resurrections with my girlfriend on HBOMax, which was alright and enough to make me look forward to a sequel to where this new trilogy goes.

However, the movie we saw afterwards was more impressive. It's called Brick and it's a film with noir trappings ... transposed onto a high school setting, though it's actually engaging. The dialogue is probably among the most interesting I've seen in a movie over the last year and it's one of those films that makes feel everything, honestly.

I'd recommend seeing it if you get the chance.


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Just watched the low budget zombie comedy "AAAHHH! ZOMBIES!!!!" (also known as "Wasting Away"). Very cute take on switching the POV of the genre!



9 (the animation about little ragdoll robots.)

It's really underrated. Dark, occasionally horrifying, and heartbreaking, but very good.

The characters are ultimately loveable. I found myself caring for all of them towards the end.

It's full of potholes and the ending is ambiguous but it's enchanting to watch.


Just watched Mr Church. Eddie Murphy is great as always. This and many other good old movies are available now on cinema hub apk which can be easily installed by link here. My other all time favorite - The Intouchables. I consider it one of the best movies ever made.
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