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Don't pick me up on Craigslist
Hey, kimber!

Also, temp taking win for good spring coronavirus wash down and disinfecting.


back to Aussie foxying!


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.

Draakc from State Farm

Shitpost God
By the time I get another one I HIGHLY doubt I'd be able to recognize all my code
Technically now that citra is on android this could possibly be the only version of rpg maker I can emulate on my phone


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Don't forget Elite!!! We need to fly again!! >:O


aka Cutter Cat
Is anybody using this win? ... I'll just take it then. Thanks.


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.


United forever in friendship and labour
*flops into LPW*
I win~


My potato plants are getting massive. Hopefully they do as well underground.

Niedlich the Folf

Cute Folf.
My favorite game on each console

PC: Never played pc but I do really want a gpd win 2, starbound looks like it would be my favorite though

Mobile: I dunno probably minecraft

Arcade: Easily F-Zero AX

Atari 2600: Probably Adventure but Berzerk is amazing too

Nintendo: Startropics

Famicom: Same as NES

Famicom Disk System: The Legend of Zelda

Super Nintendo: The Lion King

Super Famicom: Same as Super NES

N64: Majoras Mask

Switch: Mario Odyssey

Master System: Fantasy Zone

Genesis: Dynamite Headdy

Mega Drive: ダイナマイトヘッド

Sega CD: Sonic CD

Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure 2

Playstation: LSD - Dream Emulator

PSOne: Same as Playstation

PS3: LittleBigPlanet 2

PS4: Persona 5

SexBox 360: Kameo Elements of Power

Game & Watch: Ball (Yeah I know I'm cliched)

Gameboy: Gameboy Camera (Yes that counts as a game)

Gameboy Color: South Park (Yes that counts aswell)

Ds: Scribblenauts but I also really like the Ubisoft Masterpiece, My Stop Smoking Coach

DsI: Foto Showdown

3ds: Terraria (Even though it's the last 3ds game I ever bought it's still my favorite)

New 3ds: Minecraft I guess

Game Gear: Sonic 1

PSP: Persona 3

Vita: LittleBigPlanet (You thought I was gonna say persona 4 didn't you?
Admit it, you did)

Consoles not included are consoles I haven't played or don't have a favorite of
Famicom doesn't have startropics.