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tftged full vaporeon, half of issue has been fixed
*nercos last post wins*

I have been waiting so long to say that, although is the person before this the winner or the first last post wins?
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I feel so light headed from that lonnnnng nap.. XD


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Wait what year is it?!?


Wants to ride in a Hydro Bronc
Yay the forums are back!


Name: Aaron Falkenberg

Super Name: Gilgamesh

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Orientation: Undetermined

Species: Arabian Wolf

Nationality: Israeli

Birthdate: July 27, 1998

Birthplace: Beersheba, Israel

Potential Voice Actor: N/A

Personality: Quiet, reserved, kindhearted, playful, confident

Abilities: Impenetrable skin, supernatural strength, supernatural senses, enhanced size (at his current age, he stands at about 7.5 feet high), Krav Maga knowledge

Weaknesses: Mute. Fire cannot burn his hide but can roast his internal organs. Can still feel pain. Claustrophobic.

Backstory: TBD

Kairos (Owned By Deegan)

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*walks in with cleaning supplies and starts cleaning to wins pedestal.*