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Wants to ride in a Hydro Bronc

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At 41 years old, Starshard still possesses a great degree of stunning beauty and sexiness. She may very well be the sexiest super alive in her universe.

Starshard © heroicswordsman23
Art © me

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
*lurks with coffee*
Proud to announce I'm halfway through Infamous


Wholesome Vixen
I am a fan of the anime Kaleidostar. Such a colorful and inspiring show of fanciful, acrobatic bliss!

There was an episode featuring a kind of trapeze, but it was a hoop instead of the ordinary bar. A very interesting apparatus.

I recently asked SpyHunter29 (on deviantART) to draw me performing on said hoop trapeze. He’s been wanting to draw my characters for some time and it was time for me to bless him with the opportunity. He’s also a fan of Kaleidostar, so I knew he’d love what I asked of him.

Art by SpyHunter29
Luci belongs to me

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vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
-Obligatory royal Fløøf-


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin

big vees in response to floof


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.