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Friendly Lady Blitz von Reolvia
My imagination!:
Ooool' Mighty!
images - 2021-09-20T221928.532.jpeg

See u next plane
images - 2021-09-20T221615.826.jpeg

images - 2021-09-20T221633.814.jpeg

*kisses deer*


Guifrog's Brain Tilt Chapter 3:

When I first saw this image, I thought the white thing in his paw was teeth, and the paw was the funny-looking head of a grinning otter, a llama, or something along those lines. Didn't even notice the dog on the left, which allowed me to get the bigger picture

Understandable! If I close my oyes I can see the llama!


Friendly Lady Blitz von Reolvia


Probably lurking.
Are you sure I don't see your name on it, all I see is made in china.