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vaporeon character != mushroom characters
asks what people think about watermelon on pizza


What is a baba?
I'm gooey, not baba!

Niedlich the Folf

Cute Folf.
At least someone got it. :p

Lucierda Solari

Wholesome Vixen
Loxxie is cosplaying as Kitana from Mortal Kombat for Halloween! And she’s wearing her ever luscious classic outfit, sure to make all the boys go wild! I just hope she doesn’t go around tearing people’s heads or limbs off.

Art by smaug smaug
Loxxie belongs to me



Explosion loving skooma cat
Ok, for the power of weekends!
I will awoooooo!

And then casually meow, nom, and generally try to find something to do. Possibly sleep.